Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blog Swap with My Favorite Finds

Today I'm blog swapping with Carrie from My Favorite Finds. I'm sharing how I upcycled an old jumper into a bag over on her blog. So be sure to go check it out.



Hi everyone!  My name is Carrie, and I blog over at My Favorite Finds.  On My Favorite Finds, you'll find tutorials, recipes, organization ideas, and Disney travel tips!  Today I want to share with you how I turned plain old wood bunk beds into fun, "princess" style bunks for my daughter.  

Recently, we rearranged the kids and their bedrooms.  The twins were sharing a room, and one of them decided he wanted his own room.  Which meant they each got their double bed {from infancy....their cribs we bought them as babies eventually convert to doubles}, and Natalie got the bunk beds.  

I don't know if it's because the boys had them for so long, or because the bunk beds were my husband's from childhood.....but they didn't look very girly.  I think it's just in my crazy mind :).  But, I wanted to dress them up for Natalie.

I took some tulle, and tied it tutu style around the bed rail of the top bunk.  Then, I took some Princess ribbon and weaved it through the "tutu" on the bed rail to give it a more finished look.  Next, I cut some pieces of lighter pink tulle and draped it around the posts of the bunk beds, finishing it off with a bit of ribbon.  
She is thrilled with her "princess" bed, and it definitely prettied up the plain wooden bunk beds.  It really finishes off her room, and adds to the other fun decor we have in there.  The fabric poms, lampshade, button monogram, canvas letters, bow boards, and topiaries all work well to add some splashes of pinks to her gray walls.

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