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Blog Swap with Busy Mom's Helper

 Today I'm blog swapping with Danielle from Busy Mom's Helper. Be sure to head over there to see my Jewelry Box Makeover!


Hey, everyone! I’m Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper. I’m a mommy of four wonderful kids ages 6 down to 15 months, have a fantastically wonderful hubby, and work full-time. Yeah, Busy Mom is quite a fitting title, don’t you think? My main passion I like to share is recipes, but occasionally I do find time for crafts and other projects to share. 
Some of my favorite posts have been Creamy Orange Dream Pie, Crockpot Apple Cake, Pomegranate Apple Pops and Steak with Lemon Tomato Sauce. Have some extra time for baking? Then check out the Chocolate Monster Cake!
Creamy Orange Dream CakeCrockpot Apple CakePomegranate Apple PopsSteak with Lemon Tomato SauceChocolate Monster Cake
I know there’s a big debate on how far we moms should go for our children’s birthday parties. Some think that a fully themed event is over-the-top, while others are under the impression that if you stay simple, you’re depriving your child. Then there are all of the variations in between! I’ve always been somewhere in the middle, hoping for a fun and memorable party for my kids, while avoiding too much unnecessary time, stress, and money. I must admit, though, that I almost always end up putting more work into it than planned! 
For my 6-year-old’s birthday last month, she really wanted a Tangled theme. She started asking for it around March, as kids anticipate their birthdays quite far in advance (she's already planning next year's). I assumed she would change her mind several times before the actual event, as kids tend to do, but never once did she let up with her requests for Rapunzel, Flynn and Pascal. 
So what did I do? That’s right, a fully-themed Tangled birthday party, with several hours of preparation. Although I didn’t include all of my ideas (because, let’s be honest, there’s only so many hours in a day!) I did have several fun things such as Pascal hide-and-seek, Atilla’s Sublime Cupcakes, pin the nose on Flynn, and others. For the invitation, I thought it appropriate to do Flynn’s satchel. 
To create one of your own, you will need large brown construction paper (scrapbook paper works just fine, no need to purchase extra things if you don’t need to), brown ribbon (thin is best), and small brads. The purple and yellow paper is for the crown insert that was the actual invitation part, so just ignore those for this tutorial.
Satchel Supplies
Depending on the size you want, cut the paper in half. I used 12x12 paper for this, and cut in half they ended up just the right size! 
Satchel Cut in Half
Fold the bottom portion just over half-way up, and put a small piece of tape on both sides to secure it. Fold the top portion down over the bottom; no need to tape.
Satchel Fold BottomSatchel Fold Top
Place one brad through the bottom-middle of the top flop, and secure the opposite side. 
Satchel Brad
On the movie, there’s a tan-yellow stitching design on the satchel. Instead of trying to stitch the paper, I simply used yellow marker to mimic this. It’s on the bottom left (looking at the front of the satchel) and in the middle, part-way under the flap. 
Satchel Stitching
For the strap, use a long piece of the ribbon. Tape it to the crease under the top flap on each side. 
Satchel strap
I then used a short piece of ribbon to loop the brad, and a tiny piece of double-sided scrapbook tape to secure it to the bottom. This holds it closed, and gives it the look of the loop like on the movie. 
Satchel Ribbon Latch
And…ta-da! An almost-exact replica of Flynn’s Satchel from Tangled. 
Satchel Complete
I’ll be posting my other tutorials from this birthday party on Friday at Busy Mom’s Helper, for those of you who are curious. 
Thanks so much for having me here, Rachel! It’s quite a privilege! 

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