Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Glitter Jars

When I saw these witchy jars and these glittered pumpkin jars and these Christmas Ornaments I knew I had to try something glittery. 

I went to the dollar store and grabbed a few glass candle votives. I already had glitter and some Pledge Floor Finish although mine was for wood floor. It seemed to work well. 

 (As a side note, I love the floor finish for the wood floor. Our floor was looking pretty worn, but we don't have the money to refinish it. I bought this and thought I'd give it a try. I LOVE IT! It puts a nice protective finish on it that dries in 30 minutes. Our floor looks new again.)

To find out how to make the glitter jars, click on the links above.  They each have a detailed description of how to make them. The ornaments link even has a video.

A few tips that I found out the hard way:  I thought I'd try a plate using this method. That was a total flop. Stick with a jar, vase, or cup of some kind, it's easier to cover with the pledge. I also tried a very light pastel colored glitter and I didn't like it as well because it was harder to see the glitter.

After I made these I just had to make a few more. I found some smaller candle jars around the house  and let my kids each pick a color of glitter to make their own. The pink one is a larger glitter. It gives it a different look but I still like it.

Here's what I decided to do with the plate that didn't work out. I washed the glitter off of it before it dried.

And I spray painted the back of it.


  1. These are really cute, Rachel! I had wondered how it would look on something more open like a vase or votive. :) Thanks for the link love on my glitter pumpkins!

  2. Cute idea - I can see these in red glitter for Christmas or Valentines!

  3. Really cute! I've been working on a bunch of ornaments, so I have all the supplies :)

  4. Those turned out great!! Love the colors. Good idea with the plate, too!
    Thanks for linking back to my project :)

  5. Love these

    Would Love it if you could share this on my linky party - Serenity Saturday -

    Natasha xx

  6. I saw the witchy jars on Artsy-Fartsy, and of course I wanted to try the technique with a Christmas theme. Thanks for your post. Do you happen to know if you can use this technique with plastic or acrylic ornaments?

  7. These are so pretty! And I love the white plate, too!

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