Monday, May 14, 2018

Easy Key Lime Pie Recipe

Today I'm sharing a recipe my sister is known for: Key lime pie! She's made it a few times for family gatherings and we all LOVE it. This pie requires a bit of planning ahead, but is really quite easy to make.

Here's my attempt at describing the deliciousness that is this pie: A creamy filling with a punch of tart lime flavor, balanced with a sweet, crispy crust and topped with light and fluffy whipped cream. It's oh-so-good!
Easy Key Lime Pie Recipe

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Best Homemade Playdough Recipe

I'm gonna be honest here - I love the smell of store bought Playdoh.

BUT I don't like how fast it dries out. For years, I've made my mom's homemade playdough. This recipe is a cooked playdough and it's the best! It is long lasting. If stored properly it will last for months. It's NOT sticky. It IS squishy and perfect for molding, and it doesn't dry out quickly. It's my very favorite!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

12 DIY Cutoff Shorts to Make for Kids

Have you ever tried to find something online and just can't find what you're looking for? That's pretty much how this whole cutoff shorts thing started for me. I wanted to make cutoffs for my kids. I'm cheap and I wanted to utilize the jeans that had holes in the knees. But I wanted to add some fun details, so I turned to the internet for ideas.

I was pretty disappointed. The majority of cutoff short ideas that I found were WAY too short. I want my kids to be kids. I want them to be modest, not models. So that summer, I came up with my own DIY ideas for cutoff shorts.

This post brings all my cutoff shorts ideas into one place. Plus other's I have since found.  I decided to do a roundup of modest kids cutoff shorts in hopes that others can find what I couldn't.