Monday, February 19, 2024

35+ Modern Quilt Patterns (The Best Contemporary Designs)

Today I am sharing some amazing modern quilt patterns to try. Take a look at these contemporary designs that will get your creativity buzzing.


Dive into a beautiful collection of modern quilt designs. We are sharing patterns and tutorials to help you create the quilts of your dreams.

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collage of modern quilt patterns
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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Salt Dough Easter Eggs (DIY Ornaments)

Make salt dough easter eggs with this simple recipe.

Painting them makes a fun Easter activity for the whole family. 

I found a branch out in the yard and we hung the eggs from it to make our own little Easter tree.

It would also be fun to create a easter egg garland with them. 

Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Thursday, February 15, 2024

15 Basic Line Stitches for Embroidery

Line stitches are so very useful when creating embroidery projects. They are generally used to outline parts of your embroidery design. They are used for straight lines or curvy lines.

There are many different stitches to choose from. In this post you will learn about basic stitches as well as decorative stitches to improve your embroidery techniques.

 If you'd like a little practice in creating new stitches, make this darling heart embroidery sampler. Find all the details here

line stitch embroidery


There are a few ways to add interest and your own creative flair to embroidery projects. 

Adjust the number of strands of embroidery thread you use.

For a thin delicate line use two strands of thread. For a thick, bold line increase the number of threads.

Most of the stitches depicted in this post are using all 6 strands of thread.

Another great way to add a distinctive look to your project is to change up the stitch length.

Using short stitches will help you stitch around tight curves.

Long stitches will help you embroider more quickly and add a completely different feel to the design. 

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line stitch heart embroidery project with text overlay
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