Wednesday, January 9, 2019

How to Make a Small DIY Tote Bag

Learn to make a small fabric tote bag with a lining. This easy-to-sew bag requires only a few supplies to make. One of the advantages to this pattern, is that you can easily make whatever sized bag you want by adjusting the size of the pieces of fabric you cut out. Make this your next sewing project!

How to sew a small tote bag with a lining - easy DIY tutorial

Monday, January 7, 2019

Birthday Binder - a simple effective way to keep track of birthdays

Need a simple way to keep track of birthdays and organize birthday cards? This birthday binder does the trick. Keep track of birth dates on the left, slide in the corresponding number of cards needed on the right. Easy and effective!

birthday binder

Thursday, January 3, 2019

DIY Recipe Rack - Guest Post

Christmas throughout the years have been sprinkled with my Dad's handmade works of art. This year was no different as he created this one of a kind recipe rack for my mom.

My dad is a talented man. He shares his knowledge about music and his original piano compositions at Piano Score. He has also started another blog for projects such as this recipe rack that he is sharing here today.


The following is written by Kurt Goodman.

My wife, Colleen, comes from a tradition of great cooking. In our family, over the years the cookbook or recipe card was placed on the counter amidst all of the ingredients. As a result, our cookbooks and cards are smudged with lots of character.