How to Stencil - Make a cute stenciled fabric tote!

Learn how to stencil with an easy DIY project - stenciled fabric totes. Dress up a plain bag with fabric paint and stencils.

How to Stencil on fabric

My girls LOVE to craft - with summer break here, they now have plenty of time for it. The first thing we made were these fun stenciled bags.  You can never have too many bags. Am I right?

How to Make 3-D Paper Stars

 Learn how to make 3-D paper stars.  A few folds, a snip here, another fold there and voila! you have a star, perfect for decorating your space. It looks complicated, but believe me, it's really easy. Anyone can make them!

Using red and blue patterned paper will give you a patriotic star to spruce up your 4th of July decor. Or use Christmas themed paper or colors for Christmas tree ornaments or holiday decorating.

3D paper stars

Banana Breakfast

A light and refreshing banana flavored breakfast perfect for summer time. Milk and banana are blended and then poured over grapenuts. Freeze for 20 minutes and you have a breakfast (or a snack!) perfect for those hot summer days.

banana breakfast

When I was young, my mom got me a recipe box and some recipe cards for my birthday. I went to town copying many of her recipes onto my own cards. This banana breakfast is one of those recipes.

I don't remember my mom making this, but after I got married, I found it in my box and tried it. And I REALLY like it.