Monday, July 22, 2024

40+ Sewing Tutorials for Stuffed Animals

Kids of all ages love stuffed animals.

Grab your sewing machine and make a bunch of cute stuffed animals with these awesome sewing patterns for stuffed animals.

There is a wide range of animal patterns to choose from.


Get creative and make a wide variety of stuffed animals.

There are so many options. These make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

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collage of homemade stuffed animals
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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers (DIY Craft Tutorial)

Hi friends, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft teaching how to make tissue paper flowers for the perfect home decor or centerpieces.

These gorgeous paper flowers are easy, uses minimal supplies and no fancy tools!

Brighten a space in your home, give someone a hypoallergenic bouquet or decorate a tablescape with simple DIY tissue paper flowers.

3 tissue paper flowers in a blue glass vase sitting on a closed teal book surrounded by wood beads and over a rattan placemat

Paper flowers are one of my most favorite crafts. If you haven't already tried the paper flowers posted in May, give them a try!

I have really bad allergies to flowers. I just cannot have them in my home for long or I pay a terrible price--days of body and head aches.

In order to brighten up the indoors and not have a reaction, I cope with paper flowers. I love all kinds of paper flower crafts but tissue paper flowers are simple to make and look light and airy.

Tissue paper flowers are a softer flower, lightweight, fragile and much more life-like than copy paper flowers. 

Grab that gift bag in the closet filled up with other gift bags and old tissue paper and let's get started on this fun and simple craft!

Monday, July 15, 2024

30+ Cool Whip Desserts (EASY Recipes!)

There are so many simple Cool Whip desserts you can make for a variety of fluffy desserts.

Cool Whip can add such a lovely fluffy texture.

Grab a few tubs of Cool Whip and get ready to be impressed by these delicious dessert options.


From special occasions to family gatherings to hot summer months, cool whip desserts are a perfect way to enjoy a sweet treat.

You can make pies, dips, and even cookies using Cool Whip!

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collage of cool whip recipes
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