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Monday, January 2, 2012

Basement Bedroom

I've had a nice break from blogging over the holiday. I kept busy with the kids and of course a few projects.  I have lots to share this week. Today I'll start by showing you our newly finished (almost) bedroom in the basement. 

My husband did all the drywall, tape and mud, texture, finish work and most of the priming.
I filled lots of nail holes, finished up the priming, painted all the trim white and then we painted the walls.

The colors are from Glidden - Lime Sorbet and Essence of Lilac.  When we were painting the green it looked like it was going to be yellow.  It turned out all right after it dried.  I love the purple. We will be adding a wallpaper boarder to separate the two colors, if we can find one to match. If not, then I guess it will be a chair rail.  

So here's our plan:  We will be getting carpet in this room and another bedroom we finished. We'll move our oldest daughter into her room downstairs and this room we will fill with all of our junk that's taken over the rest of the basement.  Then we're hiring someone to drywall the rest of the basement.  This room will become my 4 year olds when the rest of the basement is done.  I'm so excited.  I hope to have the whole basement done by April. Yay!! I can move all the toys downstairs and even have my own craft room. 

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