Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Organizing the Game Cabinet

I have been wanting to organize the games for months. Honestly it wasn't that bad, except that the games were in three different areas of the house. In my son's room: 

 My daughters room:

And even the kitchen:

Now that we have the game cabinet, I've put all the games in it. It has freed up so much room in the kids closets that I can get lots of the toys off of the floor now.

Several years ago, I finally figured out that if you place games on their ends you don't have to mess up the whole stack to get one out.

 The bottom section holds all the card games, which have been sorted. We had so many piles of cards that were just shoved in there if they were found after we'd picked them up.

I know that it probably won't stay this organized for too long, but when you shut the door...

You can't see the games much anyway!


  1. What a great idea to lay them on their sides! So simple but saves a lot of headache when everyone wants to play the one on the bottom of the pile. Your cabinet is really cute. Megan

  2. Wow! You fit so many games in there! Do you find when you take one or more games out that the boxes left in the cabinet on their sides tip over or open up? I worry that pieces will be falling out of the boxes. Otherwise I think it's a great idea!

    BTW, we have a LOT of the same games! Great taste :)


  3. LOVE this! colour perfect! size, perfect!!


  4. Great job! Thanks so much for linking up at One Creative Weekend! Enjoy your weekend.