Monday, March 18, 2013

Clean Your House in 10 Minutes a Day - Living Room

It's Monday! Maybe I shouldn't use an exclamation point. I mean, who's really excited that it's Monday. But it's time to get motivated.

For those of you new to this series, each week I focus on an area in my house. I spend 10 minutes each day and clean or organize something in that room. On Monday, I share what I cleaned. It's been  helping me to stay on top of it. And I hope it's helpful for you as well. {The 10 minutes a day does not include bathroom cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming or doing dishes. With the exception of doing dishes, those things are done on Saturday and the kids help.}

Last week we worked on the Bathroom. This week I focused on the Living Room.

Monday - a quick pickup and then put away dvd's. - 10 minutes. We always seem to gather a stack of dvd's and wii games by our t.v. So I gathered them up and put them back in their correct cases.

Tuesday - 0 minutes. Okay so I went to get my youngest daughter a savings account Tuesday morning. Well, while we were doing that the teller realized that my daughter's name was spelled wrong on her social security card. So I spent the ENTIRE afternoon getting that taken care of. You have to have a birth certifcate and an id. Well 3 year olds generally don't have id's. So I had to go to the medical clinic and get them to print off and sign a form. Then I had to go over to the social security office. I didn't realize it was such a busy place. I thought I'd just pop in real quick and get it done. Not at this office. I waited for an hour. Plus the driving time. Anyway, that's why I didn't get any cleaning done. I think we all have days like that. It seems that so far I've had one every week. Thanks for letting me complain a little ;)

Wednesday - polish piano and bench - 13 minutes. My three year old helped me with do this. Sometimes kids get in the way, but this time I think she helped me get it done faster than I would have without her help.

Thursday - dust ceiling fans - 9 minutes. I did the fan in the living room first, it took just under five minutes, so I decided to dust the fan in the dining room too.

Friday - go through magazine rack - 10 minutes. I threw away a bunch and sorted them all so they look a bit nicer.

Other ideas:
vacuum under couches
clean baseboards
polish fireplace mantle

Next week I'll be working on the entryway.

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  1. The social Security office is the worst. Well, I think it rivals the DMV fairly well. Lol. I am totally loving these 10 minutes of cleaning. Thanks!


  2. Just found you, what a great idea. Great help!