Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cruise Pics

Today I'm sharing a few pictures from the cruise we went on a few weeks ago.

I could totally live by the ocean. Something about it just calms me and fills me with wonder. I can stand there for hours just watching the water. And I did do that very thing.

Our first stop was Nassau, Bahamas.

The waters were too rough to swim in that day, but we waded in to our knees.

Next stop, St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands.

 We got to do some snorkeling here. Amazingly beautiful.

Next up was San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We visited the old forts. They were built in the 1700's and were in use up until the 1950's. A lot of history. It was really cool to walk through it.

Last stop, Grand Turk

You can see how close the beach is to the cruise ship. We literally walked off the boat, down the gang way,  and to the beach. We went snorkeling there and it was the best. The fish didn't even care that there were tons of people everywhere. We were snorkeling right there about where that black pole is. Where we snorkeled was probably 20 feet deep or so and then where the ship is it's 1500 feet deep. There's a crazy drop off. They have it roped off so you know how far you should go out.

So that's it, we had an amazing time and I definitely want to go again in about 5 years. {I'd go every year if we could afford it.}

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  1. I love cruises. So much to do and beautiful seas. My son and I took a Canada-New England cruise when he was 11, so I guess about 7 years ago this summer. We absolutely loved that area. Maine is unbelievably beautiful. My family and I have been to the Caribbean on a cruise a few times. You can see the water color change to a really dark color where the drop off is. Now you have me longing for another cruise.