Monday, April 29, 2013

Clean Your House in 10 Minutes a Day - Car

Time to get Motivated!! Did you clean out your car last week? I'd love for you to follow along with me as we get our houses {or cars} cleaned 10 minutes at a time.

For those of you new to this series, each week I focus on an area in my house. I spend 10 minutes each day and clean or organize something in that room. On Monday, I share what I cleaned. It's been  helping me to stay on top of it. And I hope it's helpful for you as well. {The 10 minutes a day does not include bathroom cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming or doing dishes. With the exception of doing dishes, those things are done on Saturday and the kids help.}

My vehicle has been bugging me for some time. It's needed a good vacuum and a bath for a while now.

Monday - Vacuum out the Tahoe - 25 minutes.  I know...I know... This took way longer than 10 minutes. What can I say, I have a big vehicle and it was dirty.

Tuesday -Washed Windows - 5 minutes. I only did the inside of the windows, since I'll be washing the outside later in the week.

Wednesday - Clean out the center console - 11 minutes. I threw away unneeded items and reorganized it. I also stuck a package of graham crackers in there for the kiddos when they need a treat.

Thursday -Wipe down everything with a protectant wipe - 3 minutes.

Friday -Wash the outside of the car. I even cleaned the wheels and tires! My husband will be so proud. This took a while, I didn't time it since I knew it would take longer than 10 minutes. I guess I could have gone to the car wash, that would have been faster.

Other ideas of things to clean in the car:
 Put together an emergency kit to keep in the car.

 Next weeks challenge : Master Bedroom

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