Sunday, May 26, 2013

Something to Think About Sunday - Marriage Advice

My grandpa passed away in March. One of the things that I was lucky enough to get was his scriptures. Tucked inside he had lots of papers. Some were random newspaper clippings. There was some junk mail. And then there were a few treasures, one of which I'm sharing with you today.

You see my grandpa was a bishop in our Church at one point in his life. Later he became a sealer in one of our Temples. In both of these callings he performed marriages. He had typed up this little paper with advice to give. I believe that this was written at the time he was a bishop. Otherwise he would have not included #1 and #12.


Counseling prospective Brides and Grooms,

1. No pictures to be taken in the Chapel.

*2. Start your wedded life with prayer together each night and morning. Approach God and thank him for the things you can, ask for help or needs in the name of Jesus Christ.

*3. Pay one another a compliment each day.

4. Be active in your church together.

5. Take your wife out once a week, to a movie, dinner, or for an ice cream cone.

*6. Don't both get angry at the same time.

*7. Operate your home on a budget, both live within your means.

8. Sex relations is one of Gods greatest gifts to wedded couples. Always enter into it in the spirit of love, not by force or violence or by right. Never before marriage.

9. Don't become careless in appearance or conduct.

*10. Be courteous, faithful, and considerate always.

*11. A happy wedded life doesn't just happen, or seldom comes easily or accidentally. Each must work at it, and give something of himself.

12. Plan for a temple marriage and sealing for time and eternity."

*These ones had check marks by them. I would guess they were the advice he gave most often.

Obviously #1 doesn't really apply, but the rest is pretty good advice. Looking back on my grandparents, I can see that they applied these principles in their marriage.

This week I'm going to pick one of these items and work on it. I challenge you to work on something too - either from this list or something else you think of.

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  1. Other than the temple things I had 15 years of wonderful marriage to the man who over those 15 years became my best friend and we lived by all those principles you mentioned to have that great marriage.. funny now that he is gone... he left this earth 5 years ago... the kids just remember the few times we left them with babysitters instead of taking them with us! lol So I guess there is some balance to be had as well! Thanks for posting GREAT advice... Kathi