Thursday, August 1, 2013

Create a New Look with Spray Paint

Spray Painted Butterflies

I love yard sales! Maybe a little too much. It's kind of addicting to see what you can get for the lowest price possible.

Sometimes one persons junk really can be another persons treasure.
Take these ugly little butterflies for example. I picked them up for 10 cents a piece. I figured if I screwed them up, I wouldn't be out much.

After a couple coats of white spray paint they were ready to go.

My girls all wanted them in their rooms. So we hung two in my youngest daughter's room and one in my 6 year old's room. My oldest was out of luck because she has too much on her walls already.

Some of the other things I've gotten at yard sales this year include: frames, fabric, scrapbook and craft supplies, patterns, old suitcases {to re-purpose eventually}, a lamp. And my favorite - a serger! That's right I got one at a yard sale. I normally don't buy expensive things at yard sales and I wouldn't recommend it unless you know the person. I happened to know the lady selling it and she let me take it for the morning and go get it checked out to make sure it worked correctly before I bought it.

Do you yard sale? What are your favorite finds?


  1. Hi! These look great! Quick question: How many cans of spray did you use?
    Thanks! Visiting from the blog hop ;)

    1. I had about half a can in the cupboard and I didn't use it all.