Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Food Storage Organization and No More Link Parties

I just haven't been feeling the link party lately - actually for a few months. It seems like at the last minute I'm scrambling to get features and get the party up and running. Since for me, blogging is about sharing what I love to do, I'm going to end the link party. I hope you all understand.

You may have noticed that I wasn't around last week. I spent the beginning of the week organizing all of our food storage. Then I got busy making more menu boards for the etsy shop. I've added some new colors. And I also have a new option to create a custom order. Go check it out. Also the kids were out of school for fall break, so I took a little break from the blog too.

So today I'll be sharing my food storage organization. I've been canning the last few months and have just been stacking it down in the basement. Our local grocery store had it's caselot sale. So I grabbed some more canned goods and I needed to get it all organized again.

Here's a look at what I started with:
Food Storage Organization

After a few hours of organizing, I got it all in the closet.

Food Storage Organization

I even got a great idea and labeled it all with the contents and the year. I found some tag stickers in my scrapbook stuff and I tried out a dry erase marker on them. It worked great! Now each year when I can, I can just erase the tag and write the new contents on the box.

Food Storage Organization
Don't you just love this duct taped box? When you buy jars now, you don't get a good box with them, so I've got to make the ones I have last :)

Food Storage Organization
I even labeled the store bought canned food even though I won't be keeping those boxes. Sometimes when I send the kids down to look they can't find things. I'm hoping this will help.

Food Storage Organization

There is such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to have your food storage. Most of the canned food we will eat through out the year. Sometimes it may last two years. But there's not usually any waste.

Food Storage Organization
Our freezer is also fully stocked. My husband got an elk this year, which we had ground into burger. We also ordered a pig from our local slaughter house. So we have plenty of pork chops, roasts, bacon and sausage and burger. I love not having to buy meat at the grocery store. It saves so much money in the long run.

Do you store food storage? What tips do you have on organizing it, rotating it, or getting good deals?

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  1. Yes, I do have home food storage. I also love to can. We bought some can organizers and it will rotate and as you go. I prefer to have home canned foods. We do have quite a few of the 5-gallon buckets of flour, sugar, rice, beans and other items. We also have quite a bit of store bought canned goods. I am also dehydrating some things for storage. In the mean time, I am gathering up the recipes for all kinds spices. Like Taco sauce, and Ranch dressing mix and things like that.

    I keep Bay Leaves in my boxed food items.