Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Date Night Box or Jar

Valentines is coming up! Are you ready? I have a fun idea for your special someone. A date night jar or box. I made a date night box for my sister and her husband for Christmas. Inside the box was a jar with strips of paper with date night ideas on them.

Also in the box, I included different items to help with their date nights. For example, one of the strips said "Play a game", so I stuck in a card game.
You can take this idea and make it as simple or as elaborate as you'd like. I wanted the ideas to be things that would cost little or no money.

Here's a list of what date nights I gathered. For the starred items I also included something to put in the date night box to help accomplish the date.

1 - Play a game  *card game*
2 - Go out for an ice cream cone  *envelope with some cash*
3 - Go on a walk
4 - Play tennis
5 - Watch a movie  *popcorn, you could also include a movie*
6 - Make a treat together
7 - Give each other a back massage
8 - Go on a drive
9 - Go out to eat or a movie *gift card*
10 - Go on a picnic {indoors or out}
11 - Go hiking
12 - Go on a bike ride
13 - Go to the temple
14 - Drink hot cocoa and talk * hot chocolate*
15 - Do a crossword puzzle together *crossword puzzle book {from $ store}*
16 - Do a puzzle together * Puzzle* {This may take several weeks}
17 - Listen to your favorite music from high school
18 - Make s'mores in the microwave *marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers*
19 - Make a list of things you are thankful for
20 - Make a small gift to give to each other on date night
21 - Candle light dinner *candle sticks and candles*
22 - Play video games together
23 - Make and eat your favorite cookies
24 - Look through your high school yearbooks
25 - Watch home movies
26 - Look through the kids photo albums
27 - Make ice cream sundaes
28 - Go fishing
29 - Play frisbee *frisbee*
30 - Go shooting
31 - Go sledding
32 - Look through wedding photos or watch wedding video
33 - Wash the car together
34 - Go to the library
35 - Have a sodoku race - see who can complete their puzzle faster  *sodoku book from $ store* 

I really wanted a years worth of dates, but I couldn't think of any more that I thought they would actually do. What other ideas would you include in your date night box? Leave a comment and I'll add them to the list.

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