Friday, September 5, 2014

Dresser - I need your opinions!

I need your opinions!  Please!
1 - Would you repaint this dresser, or would you keep the distressed look?
2 - What do you think about a dresser in a main living area such as a kitchen or living room? Is that weird?
3 - Do you know of a good place to find unique and inexpensive knobs?

This summer, I got a dresser at a yard sale for $8. It sat in the garage for a month or so and I finally got out the sander and went to town. I was originally going to just give it a quick sand so I could repaint it, but after I started sanding it I kind of like it. If I repaint it, I was thinking of doing a couple shades of blue, or blue and cream.  Here's a few pictures. Tell me what you think!!

Blue Distressed Dresser

The previous owner apparently had painted the drawers a lighter color and then painted over them to match the rest of the dresser.  I'm kind of liking the two-tone effect that the sanding brought out.

Blue Distressed Dresser

 Here's a before and after:

Blue Distressed Dresser

The green knobs had to go. The question is, what to replace them with. I had a few squareish knobs, that I was trying out, but I don't have enough for all the drawers. I'd love some advice on where to get unique, inexpensive knobs. I'd hate to pay too much for knobs when the dresser itself was only $8.

Blue Distressed Dresser
Another question I have is about where to put it in my house. I'm going to be using it to keep supplies for my menuboards that I've been selling in my shop, Bits of Sparkle and Lace. Right now everything is in a plastic tub and I have to dig everything out to get to the stuff at the bottom. I'd love to have the dresser in the living room or kitchen. That way I can easily get the stuff I need as I'm making the menu boards without having to run down to the basement. BUT... Is that weird to put a dresser in the kitchen? Or the living room? What are your thoughts???

Blue Distressed Dresser

 Please tell me your opinions and what you would do with the dresser! I really need some help with this one. 


  1. First off, not weird at all to have that in the living room or kitchen - eclectic and cool! Is there a Hobby Lobby near you? They have gorgeous knobs and just about every other week they are on sale 40% off. They might sell them online too - worth checking out. I love the color and the finish on this old girl!

  2. We have an antique dresser in our living room that we use to store table linens and fragile holiday items.
    I like the dresser as it is but if you want to add some character to it, maybe cover it with a dark gray or black faux glaze.
    I buy knobs at Hobby Lobby when they have them 50% off - about every other or every third week. I bought 7 knobs for a dresser I have in my sewing room for $21 after the 50%.

  3. Not weird at ALL to put it in your living room/kitchen! I'm actually looking for a beat up cheap dresser to re-do for my living room entryway. :) I think chalk paint would look great, and then sanding it up and it'll be that distressed look that it has now. I've been using Folk Art's chalk paint, and they have some great colors. I agree with the ladies about Hobby Lobby for knobs! Good luck! :) Visiting from Teach me Tuesday :)

  4. I have a dresser in my living room, and wouldn't mind one in my Dining room. So, if that's weird...then so am I. I've seen the knobs at Hobby Lobby too, and agree with the other ladies!

    My vote is to keep it, if it goes with your decor.

    Thanks for linking up to Teach Me Tuesday last week. You are very much appreciated! Hope to see you again this week!

    Have a great week!!