Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mini Wooden Dresser

As a young tween, I had an obsession with miniature things. I would save my money and buy small furniture. I would set up the different living areas in the top of a partitioned jewelry box, that's how small the furniture was.  I never played with figurines, I just liked coming up with different ways to arrange the furniture. The obsession has faded, but I still like mini things. 

I've had a couple of these little mini wooden dressers hanging around forever. I never really knew what I wanted to do with them. Well, I finally figured it out and I think it turned out pretty cute. I love the look of the stained wood contrasted with the painted drawers.

Mini Wooden Dresser

A few years ago, I bought a little console thingy to hold all our cell phones and things that needed to recharge. {It's that red thing with the sunglasses sitting on it.} It was handy until the cord went out and it would no longer charge anything. The problem was I'd started storing all the kids ds games in the drawer. So since I didn't have anyplace else to put them, I kept it.  Even though I no longer liked the red and it no longer worked.

Desk Area Makeover
Then I remembered the little wooden dresser and knew it would be perfect to hold all the kids games AND it would take up less space.

Here's the plain wood one next to the remade one.
Mini Wooden Dresser
I rummaged through the craft room and found the little knobs for the feet. Then I set to work staining the sections that I wanted stained. Then carefully painted the drawer fronts and base. I left the inside parts of the drawers unfinished. Once it was all dried, I hot glued the knobs to the bottom. Then I gave it a couple coats of lacquer.

Mini Wooden Dresser
It's perfect storage for all our small things. The bottom drawer fits the ds games and styluses. The middle drawer holds spare sd cards and memory sticks. And the top is mostly empty, but ready when I need a spot for something small.

Mini Wooden Dresser
I just added a few wire baskets to corral other stuff and and the area's got a whole new look.

Now tell me, did you like to play with miniature stuff as a kids? Or am I the only one?


  1. Oh how cute....I need these in my life....where do you find them? What color green is that, I love it! I would love for you to share with us at Party in Your PJs.

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    1. I got them at a craft store called Roberts crafts, but is now out of business. You could check Michaels or Hobby Lobby. The paint is called Light Houser Green from Americana.

    2. Thanks so much , I will check HL and Michaels, even if they don't have the dressers, I will get that paint, I love the color!