Friday, April 17, 2015

Gardening - Cool Weather Plants

I'm going to start a new series sharing my gardening ups and downs. Basically, each week {or every couple weeks} I'll share how things are going and what I've been up to in the yard.

All this is from a few weeks ago - I had a really busy spring break, but now I finally have time to start this series.

A few weeks ago, we planted our early garden. We planted peas, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower. These plants are called cool weather plants. They are less susceptible to the cold weather and actually flourish when the temperatures are cooler. The rule of thumb for my area is to plant cool weather plants in mid-March. I didn't end up planting until the end of March this year.

Garden Boxes

This will vary for different parts of the country. My mom, who lives only about an hour away, has to plant later, because she is higher in elevation and therefore it stays cold longer.  Someone from a local garden shop would be a good resource to ask any questions you may have about when to plant different types of vegetables in your area.

I typically plant next to my soaker hoses to make sure the plants get watered. I have found much more success in our garden since we added the soaker hoses. Instead of having to remember to water the garden, it's automatically watered when we water the lawn.

We've had an early spring this year. These are our cherry blossoms. We had a cold snap and I'm afraid that we've lost them now.
Cherry Blossoms

The apple blossoms...

Apple Blossoms

And my favorite, the peach...

Cherry Blossoms
The peach tree is right outside my kitchen window. I love looking out at the blossoms. They're so pretty. It's also fun to watch as the peaches grow.

I also finally got around to trimming my raspberry bushes. It really should be done as soon as the buds start to appear. If I get around to it as soon as they start budding, then I'll trim them to about six inches from the ground. This year I was late getting to it and so I left them higher. My husband has done it in years past and barely trimmed off the tops. Basically, it hasn't seemed to matter too much how much is trimmed off. 

Raspberry Plants

Next up on the list is to get everything weeded.

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