Monday, January 7, 2019

Birthday Binder - a simple effective way to keep track of birthdays

Need a simple way to keep track of birthdays and organize birthday cards? This birthday binder does the trick. Keep track of birth dates on the left, slide in the corresponding number of cards needed on the right. Easy and effective!

birthday binder

Birthday Binder - a simple easy way to keep track of birthdays

This project is one of those that have been on my list to share for quite a while. My mom actually made this birthday binder for me a few years ago and I think it's the most clever thing.

birthday binder - never miss a birthday again

Supplies Needed for a Birthday Binder

sheet protectors
scrapbook paper
adhesive (glue sticks, scrapbook adheseive, tape, whatever you have)

birthday binder

How to Make Your Birthday Binder

1 - Begin by creating your monthly birthday tracker. Use a google doc or other word processing program to create your monthly tracking sheet. It's pretty easy to make one and simply change out the month and adjust the dates as needed.  If you wanted you could print the birthday names you could totally do that too. Mine are just written in.

2 - Gather coordinating scrapbook paper. For each month you will need a full 8 1/2 X 11 sheet and one that is cut in half to be 8 1/2 X 5 1/2. You can also use small scraps to label each pouch with the month. You can practice your hand lettering, or simply print off the months in a fancy font. Adhere them to the 1/2 sheets of scrapbook paper.

3 - Insert both your  half sheet and full sheet of scrapbook paper into a sheet protector. With scissors, cut close to each side until you reach the 1/2 sheet of paper. Then simply fold the protector between the two papers to create a pocket.

birthday binder

4 - Repeat with each month and then insert the birthday tracking sheets.

5 - Add birthday cards.  I used to make fancy embellished cards. I don't have the time anymore, so when I do a handmade card, I'm all about the embossed cards. (I use my cuttle bug) Add a bit of color with markers to dress them up a bit more.

birthday card

It's an easy project to keep your birthday cards organized and help you to remember your loved ones birthdays.

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  1. This is so clever. I am the worst at remembering dates! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday. Hope to see ya next week.