Monday, November 25, 2019

Wood Burned Ornaments

Make these beautiful DIY wood burned ornaments for your Christmas tree this year.

They are easy to make and will add a bit of a rustic flair to your holiday decor.

Since they are handmade, they make a thoughtful gift for friends or family.

wooden ornaments decorated with wood burned details

I decided to dig out my wood burning tool for this project. I've had it a while and I never think to use it. This project has me determined to find more ways to utilize the tool.

Wood burning is a little bit intimidating to me. I love to create, but I'm not naturally artistic.

But you guys! This is the perfect wood burning project for beginners like me. This only the second time I've used the tool and I'm loving how these ornaments turned out.

I'll show you how you can make some too!

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Today is all about the handmade ornaments. Last year I made salt dough gingerbread men ornaments. This year I tried out wood burned ornaments.

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collage of wood burned ornaments

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wooden ornaments and wood burning tool



The best tip I can give you is to practice first!

Find a piece of scrap wood, or use one of the ornaments for practice. Get a feel for how the tool works, how slowly you need to go and how hot it should be to produce the burn you prefer.

I found that I was trying to rush it a bit. Passing over the wood too quickly doesn't allow it time to burn, so I had to slow down.

For more tips, see my wood burned spoons project.
collage of pictures showing steps to making a wood burned ornament

  1. Insert the flow point tip into the wood burning tool. Turn it on medium high heat (somewhere between orange and red)
  2. Trace a circle about one inch from the edges of the ornament.
  3. Write the word you would like to use in the center.
  4. Using the flow point tip, slowly trace the penciled circle and word.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for all the ornaments you would like to make.
  6. Turn off tool and let it cool. Then insert the shading point tip. Turn the tool back on and let it heat up.
  7. To create the wreath, press the shading tip onto the wood with the round edge touching the circle. Hold in place for a few seconds. Continue adding "leaves" around both sides of the circle. 
  8. Repeat for all ornaments.
You may notice that my leaves don't line up on both sides of the circle. That's ok! There is less room on the inner side of the circle. I just tried to space them fairly evenly.

Tip:  If you'd like a darker burn hold it down longer on the wood, or turn up the heat slightly. For a lighter burn, press it for a shorter amount of time and/or turn down the heat. Practice first to figure out how to get the result you want.

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collage of steps of how to make wood burned ornaments

wood burned ornaments

wood burned ornaments


  1. Your ornaments are so pretty and rustic. I love the wood slice ornaments and these have a beautiful touch. I really want to learn how to wood burn.

  2. I've had a wood burning tool for years that I've never used for the same reasons you mentioned. These turned out beautiful, Rachel! I'm feeling a little motivated to practice using it now after seeing these. Pinned

  3. These are all so beautifully done! They'll look gorgeous on your tree this year.

  4. Your ornaments came out beautifully! Love them! ��

  5. These are so pretty! I was thinking the same thing - that since I'm not artistic I wouldn't be good at this. Glad to know that's not the case!

  6. These ornaments are really fun! I have a wood-burning tool too, and I have no clue where it is. I need to pull it out!