Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bracelets and Charms

Pearl Bracelet

Here are a few different ways I utilized the supplies Prima Bead sent me this month. 

how to use charms
I really loved these little sewing charms and wanted to incorporate them into my sewing room. I use this painted tin can as a mini garbage can. It sits on my sewing table and when I'm sewing I can stick thread or small bits of fabric in it as I'm working. Basically I just grabbed some twine, strung the charms on and tied it in place around the can. Super simple and adds some charm ;)

You may remember these Kumihimo Bracelets I shared a few months back.  Well, I had made one for my mom for her birthday. It just so happens that her birthday is in October so when I received these charms I knew I needed to add them to her bracelet before I gave it to her.

Kumihimio Bracelet with charms

I made some bracelets. When I make bracelets, I like to lay out the beads to come up with a pattern. I really like random bracelets, but my mind does not work that way. For an in-depth tutorial see my How to Make a Bracelet post.

Pearl Bracelet

Here are two of the bracelets I made. 

Pearl Bracelet
You can find these two bracelets in my etsy shop - Bits of Sparkle and Lace.

Pearl Bracelet
I'm loving the little charms on the clasps. It just adds a little extra cuteness. 

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  1. Love the clasp and charm combinations which really added to your bracelet designs!

  2. Very nice bracelets.I liked this bracelets very much.Thanks for sharing such an amazing collection.

  3. Such sweet jewelry you have made - I love bracelet designs where the clasps serve as the focal - so cute! And the decoration you added to your sewing room trash can definitely adds character to it. Love these! :)

  4. Beautiful creations Rachel :o) x

  5. I love the bracelet you give to your mom. It is really beautiful. But how long did you make? Is it easy to make one?



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