Monday, October 17, 2016

Tips for Perfect Caramel Apples

I love caramel apples! There is something about caramel apples that just screams fall to me. I love the contrast of the sweet chewy caramel with the crisp tart apple. YUM! One of the problems I've had in the past with making caramel apples is that the caramel slides off the apples. Today I'm going to share with you my secret tips for perfect caramel apples!
Secret Tips to Perfect Caramel Apples

 Tips to the Perfect Caramel Apple

Friday, September 30, 2016

How to Make Easy Throw Pillows

I've been feeling the need for something new in my living room. I wanted something pretty, something with a pattern, and something inexpensive. I decided on some throw pillows. They are easy to make, inexpensive and you can find lots of different fabric choices to fit your style. Learn how to make your own throw pillows by following my easy step-by-step tutorial.

How to Make Easy Throw Pillows

When I saw this fabric I fell in love! I love the flower pattern, and the color matches perfectly with my existing dyed pillows. I grabbed a yard of the fabric. Using a 40% off coupon made it quite inexpensive.

Then it sat in the sack for a few weeks until I got around to making the pillows. This must be an important step because it's always how I do things :)

Once I did set out to make the pillows it was a super quick project.

Supplies you will need to make throw pillows

1 yard fabric for two pillows {This will of course depend on the size of pillows you want.}
sewing machine
needle {for hand-stitching the opening closed}

Cutting the fabric

Leaving the fabric folded as it comes off the bolt, cut out two 18 X 18 inch squares. Since the fabric is folded, you will end up with 4 squares - 2 for each pillow. {Adjust size as wanted}

How to Make Easy Throw Pillows

Assembling the Throw Pillows

1 - With right sides together, sew around all sides of the fabric, leaving a 5-6 inch opening in the center of one side for turning.

2 - Clip the corners. This reduces bulk in the corners when the pillow is turned right side out. To do this simply cut the corner off. You want to be close to the seam, but don't accidentally cut through it.

3 - Turn the pillow right side out.

4 - Stuff the pillow with poly-fill.

5 - Hand-stitch the opening closed.

How to Make Easy Throw Pillows

I loved this fabric so much that I went back and got another 1/2 yard to make a little table runner for the distressed dresser I keep in the living room.

Simple Table Runner

For the table runner, I folded and pressed the edges under 1/2", then another 1/2" and sewed in place. I did the long ends first then the short ends. Super easy!

How to Make Easy Throw Pillows

For more pillow ideas follow me on Pinterest. I have a board just for pillows, plus tons of other great crafts and recipes!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How to Make a Wire and Bead Wrapped Headband

I love making hair accessories for my girls. I made them beaded hair clips a few years ago. Last summer I made my daughter a pearl and crystal headband. Today's project is very similar. A wire and bead wrapped headband with a fun flower focal.

How to Make a Wire and Bead Wrapped Headband

How to Make a Wire and Bead Wrapped Headband

You will need:
a metal headband  {I used a Snap in Style Headband with a Flower Filigree Snap}
28 g silver plate wire
4mm grey pearls
8mm X 6mm oval beads
6mm bicone beads

How to Make a Wire and Bead Wrapped Headband
 1 - Wrap wire around the headband 1/4", wrapping over the end of the wire.
2 - Add beads to the wire and continue wrapping, adding 1 or 2 beads to each wrap, depending on the size of the bead.
3 - Continue to wrap until you reach the snap. {If you are using a headband without a snap, ignore this step} Make sure as you wrap around the snap, that the two beads adjacent to the snap are the larger, flat beads. This way the beads will not interfere with the snap.
4 - Continue adding beads and wrapping until you near the end of the headband.
5 - Insert a folded over piece of wire onto the inside of the headband. Wrap the wire {without the beads} tightly over that piece of wire for 1/4". Clip the main wire so you only have a few inches of excess wire. Pull out the folded over wire and insert the end of the wire and pull tight.
6 - Add snap to headband.

I love the black and silver - it will pretty much match with everything and I can't wait for my girls to wear it.

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