Friday, March 9, 2018

90 Minute Sunday Dinner Rolls

I love to make homemade rolls to go with dinner. Especially on Sunday. We always have a roast or chicken, with mashed potatoes, gravy, and, of course, rolls. These rolls are the fastest rolls I've ever made. Well, let me clarify that, they're the fastest rolls I've made that actually taste good. They take about 90 minutes from start to finish.

90 Minute Sunday Dinner Rolls
These are tied with my Grandma's Dinner Rolls as my favorite rolls to make...and eat!  I found this recipe a year and a half ago and it makes regular appearances at our dinner table.

I have become a bit of a roll snob - if it's not homemade, I don't want it. There's just something so satisfying and delicious about homemade rolls. Check out my Pinterest board for breads. I've got  almost 200 roll or bread recipes pinned.

90 Minute Sunday Dinner Rolls

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Healthy Applesauce Oat Breakfast Muffins Recipe

My kids love it when I make breakfast. I used to make it all the time, but somehow over the years I've become a bit lazy. We have cereal most mornings because I don't want to wake up any earlier than necessary. I've recently realized something profound - muffins can be made ahead!  I know, it's a bit obvious. But it really hadn't occurred to me before. Now I can still sleep late(r) and my kids can have a home cooked breakfast too.

Healthy Applesauce Oat Breakfast Muffins

These muffins are full of wholesome oats and applesauce, plus they are low in fat and sugars. They are topped with a oat and cinnamon crumble topping that's just sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, but not so sweet that I feel like I'm eating dessert for breakfast. I cannot say enough good things about these muffins. My kids who snub their nose at anything that's the least bit "healthy" gobble them up and ask for more.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Spring Decoration for Front Door PLUS Flower Arranging Tips!

Do you decorate your front door or porch? I love cute front porches, but I go through phases on whether or not I actually decorate mine. Last fall I made a pinecone and flower wreath and added pumpkins and corn stalks to the porch. I thought it turned out pretty cute. But for Christmas, I did nothing! I didn't even put a wreath on the door. Spring is coming up and I've made a darling front door decoration with a faux umbrella and artificial flowers. I'm hoping to add a few other touches to create a nice spring vibe to my front porch.

Spring Decor for Front Door

Spring Decoration for Front Door PLUS Flower Arranging Tips

Do you ever see something and think "I gotta make that!"? That's how this project came about. I was browsing through my phone and saw something similar on Hobby Lobby's Instagram feed. I fell in love and a few hours later....