Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dinner Menu Plan -Family Dinner Ideas - May

We're almost halfway though May and I haven't yet shared my menu plan. I've been working my blog a lot - just on back end technical stuff.  I've been slacking on sharing new ideas. Honestly, it will be a little slow around here at least until July. I have Trek, girls camp, and a family vacation in June. I will be gone for over half the month and the other half I will be either packing, unpacking or recuperating!

So without further ado, here's this months 4 week menu plan.

Family Dinner Ideas

This month's tip: Plan certain types of meals on certain days. For example, I like to have sandwich type meals in the spring/summer. So I will pick a day, say Wednesdays, that will be sandwich day and we'll have hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken sandwiches and Italian Subs on Wednesdays. Sundays we have roast or chicken with mashed potatoes. Friday we usually have some type of pizza. Tuesday's are easy meals. This really helps me - I can think of 4 meals within a category and then fill in the rest.

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  May Dinner Menu Plan

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

My favorite sugar cookies are made with my Grandma's recipe. They are soft and chewy and topped with delicious cream cheese frosting.

My oldest daughter needed to make some cookies to take to an activity. She wanted to make sugar cookies, so I decided it was the perfect time to share my favorite sugar cookie recipe. My daughter is 14 now and she is a great little baker. The other night, my youngest two daughters had dance pictures. By the time I got home, she had made dinner, complete with homemade bread sticks. These cookies were a collaboration between the two of us. The batter needs to chill several hours or overnight, so she made it the night before they were needed. She was gone much of the next day, so I baked and frosted them for her.

Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

Friday, April 21, 2017

Super Easy Hair Clips with Swarovski Accents

It's time for a super easy project. Sometimes I want to create something, but don't have much time. Well, these bejeweled hair clips are perfect for that situation. Simple, easy and beautiful.

Super Easy Hair Clips with Swarovski Accents

How to Make Your Own Bejeweled Hair Clips

You will need:
Hair clips with a round base {I used these from Prima Bead}
flatbacks gems

Super Easy Hair Clips with Swarovski Accents

1 - Pick up each flatback with a pair of tweezers. Add a small dab of E6000 with a toothpick. Place it on the hair clip. I started in the middle and worked my way out.
2 - Repeat until hair clip is sufficiently covered with gems.
3 - Let dry overnight before using.

Super Easy Hair Clips with Swarovski Accents
Get creative and use different sizes or colors of gems. It really is a quick project. And they are so cute!

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