Thursday, June 23, 2016

Red White and Blue Flowerpot

I've been crazy busy with summer. I'm really not sure what it is that I'm doing. But with 4 kids home all day and all their activities, I haven't had much time to even think my own thoughts. Sometimes I just need to make something besides dinner to feel like myself. But with limited time it had to be quick.  This red, white and blue flower project was perfect - it was super fast, easy and inexpensive.

red white blue flowers
I'm loving it on my front porch on my "new" table. The table is a yard sale find. The aged wood top is perfection. I have a feeling that it will become a backdrop for many a blog post.

red white blue flowerpot in a bread pan

Want to make your own red white and blue flowerpot?  

You will need:
flowers {I got mine for $1 a bunch at Walmart}
foam {left over from my stenciled chest from several years ago}
old bread pan - the rustier the better!
serrated knife
wire cutters

{I have a glue gun pictured, but I didn't end up using it.}

How to make a breadpan into a flower pot
1 - Using the serrated knife cut the foam to fit the bread pan.

2 - Clip the flower stems with the wire cutters. Insert the flowers into the foam. I cut the flowers in the center a bit longer than those at the edges. The flowers at the edges I inserted into the foam at an angle.

3 - Hot glue the foam in the bread pan if desired. {I opted not to do this - I think I'll change out the foam and flowers depending on the season.}

red white blue flowerpot
I've been seeing galvanized metal containers all over the place. I was debating on getting one for this project. But I just couldn't justify spending the money. Then I remembered this old bread pan that I've been saving for the perfect project. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. The whole project cost me $3. Not bad huh?

red white blue flowerpot in a bread pan

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rag Blankets and Burp Cloths

How is everyone's summer going? Last week I made a list of the projects I wanted to get done this summer. There's a bunch of stuff on the list - organizing certain areas of the house, finishing some projects,  coming up with a plan to decorate the master bedroom, and getting caught up on scrap-booking just to name a few. 

It's only the second week of summer and I've got one thing crossed off the list - finishing up some baby blankets to use for gifts. I bought the fabric on a Black Friday sale, I even cut it up that weekend and then it sat. Do any of you have projects sitting around to be finished? 

rag blanket
I love to do rag blankets in strips. It's so much faster than squares. I've shared a full picture tutorial in the past: Striped Ragtop Baby Blanket. Check it out for the details.

rag blanket
Here are the fun different patterns I did.

I also made some burp cloths with the extra fabric. You can find the tutorial here: Rag Top Burpcloths

rag burp cloths
What projects are you going to finish this summer?

I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging this summer, I've got family and church commitments that will take some of my time. Posts will be sporadic, but once school starts again, I'll be back to a consistent schedule.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Make Wire Circle Earrings

I'm loving the wire earrings I'm seeing everywhere, so I decided to make my own version. Using Swarovski beads bring these circle earrings a little extra sparkle. If you're new to working with wire this is a great project to try since it's fairly easy.

How to Make Wire Circle Earrings

So grab some wire, a few beads and findings and let's get started.

How to Make Wire Circle Earrings

You will need:
24 gauge silver wire
6mm bicone beads
10mm pear shaped pendant bead
jump rings
How to Make Wire Circle Earrings

1- Wrap wire around a circular object six times {I used a king sized Sharpie}. Cut wire from spool leaving a couple inches of excess.
2 - Stretch and space out wire so there are five different sizes of circles and the short end of the wire is at a right angle pointing up.
3 - Add 5 pink beads and move them along he wire until they are on the second largest loop of wire.
4 - Wrap the longer end of wire one around the top of the loops.
5 - Add the pear pendant to this wire.
6 - Wrap the wire on each side of the pendant 3 times around the top of the loops. Clip excess wire
7 - Insert jump ring to the top of the loops.
8 - With another jump ring, attach an earwire to the jump ring at the top of the loops.
9 - Repeat for other earring.

How to Make Wire Circle Earrings

There you have it, a beautiful set of wire circle earrings.

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