Monday, June 15, 2015

Secret Garden Embroidery Review

Daisy Chain Bracelet
The last few weeks, I've had a chance to review a new book called Secret Garden Embroidery: 15 Projects for Your Stitching Pleasure{affiliate link}. Inside are tons of new and inspiring embroidery crafts. I was pleasantly surprised by the unique, fun craft ideas that accompany the embroidery patterns.There are so many projects that I want to make. I would definitely recommend it.

Secret Garden Embroidery Review

The first project I tackled was the Daisy Chain Bracelet.

I made two for my two little girls. They were pretty easy to make and the girls loved them. Of course I had to add my own touch to them. Instead of french knots for the center of the daisies, I added some yellow seed beads, courtesy of Cousin Corporation.
Daisy Flower Bracelet

I learned something new too. I had never heard of waste canvas. Basically, you tack it to your fabric and use it like a counted cross stitch. When you're done you remove the waste canvas, strand by strand. And you are left with a professional, perfectly even stitches.

Waste Canvas

There are a total of 15 different embroidery projects in the book. There is something for everyone from beginners to intermediate to advanced. Go check it out!

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