Monday, September 12, 2011

Home Grown Carrots

I came back into the kitchen the other day, after putting the baby to sleep and this is what I found in my sink.

 I'm glad that my husband picked them for me so that I didn't have too. But I didn't really have time to do anything with them right then.

I learned a few weeks ago that you can't leave them out. They get very rubbery and bendy - not what you want in a carrot.  So I broke off the stems and washed them and stuck them in the fridge for a few days.

Most of the carrots were actually pretty long and straight but here are a few crazy ones.

I love the ball carrot in the middle!

We have tried to grow carrots every year in our garden and they've never grown.  We just kept trying and we must have done something right this year.  We had too many to just eat so I decided to can some of them.

I've never canned carrots before, but it was really easy.  You do need a pressure canner though.

I just peeled and cut up the carrots and stuck them in the bottles with salt. Then filled up the jars and pressure cooked them. 

Now in all honesty, I can't see my kids eating these - but I do have a plan..... 

My Grandma had a super yummy recipe for carrot cookies. (I'll share it sometime)  Everyone just thought they were orange cookies because they have an orange glaze on top.  I never make them because you have to cook the carrots and then mash them to add into the batter. Who has time for that?  But with these already cooked - all I have to do is mash them up.

So there's my adventures in carrots. Tomorrow I'll show you what else I did with some of the carrots.


  1. Can't wait to try this, too! I'd love your carrot cookie recipe!

  2. I was sadly disappointed this year when only 6 carrots out of two rows decided to come up ;-) My hubby usually insists upon pickled carrots when they do come up though! This idea is kinda neat... have to find myself a pressure canner.

  3. Last year, I tried growing carrots in containers and got nothing. This year I put three rows in my garden and got nothing...LOL. I am putting your post in my veggie file and hoping three times will be a charm for us, too! Thanks for sharing!