Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Built It Myself - Bookshelf

At our house we have tons of books.  It has gotten to the point that we don't have enough room for them all anymore.  So I decided to build a bookshelf for my son's room.  I went to Ana White's website.  She has tons of free building plans for everything - beds, bookshelves, tables, chairs, desks - anything you can think of.  If you haven't visited her site go check it out.  It's amazing.

I used the  loft bed, small bookcase and desk plans, but I only made the bookshelf portion.  

I used a special jig we bought for another project and drilled pocket holes for the screws so they wouldn't be visible.

Here's a tip:  When placing your shelf, measure and draw a line. Then line up the shelf on the line when you screw it in.  Just make sure your on the correct side of the line. Yeah, I screwed it in on the wrong side of the line and the shelf was sloping to the left.  Luckily I noticed before the glue had dried and it was easily fixed. 

I had some baseboards that I used for some trim to add a little more detail to it.  I think it just makes the piece.  Then I filled all the holes and sanded everything down.

Then I painted it a flat black that we had left over from something else.

I think it's easier to paint it before you put the back on.

I decided that I didn't like the flat paint.  So I sprayed on some clear glossy spray paint. 

Total cost for my project? 
Since I had the paint, backing, glue, and baseboards on hand, it only cost $20 for the wood and some screws.


  1. 20$?! NICE!! This is really cute! I love ana whites website. I want the farm house bed sooo bad!! I think i might just make one of these!

  2. Great shelf for $20! Visiting from naptime crafters...and following you now!

  3. Wow that looks sooooo great! And for 20 bucks! Something like that with the trim detail would be so ridiculously expensive in stores! You're really handy :)