Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reversible Bead Board Pumpkins

Let me introduce you to the Reversible Bead Board Pumpkins. 

You display this side for Halloween.

Then when Halloween is over flip them around and you have these bead board pumpkins for your Thanksgiving decor.

 Want to make your own?  You're in luck!  I have a full tutorial complete with pumpkin templates.

Reversible Beadboard Pumpkins

Here's what you'll need:
Orange Craft Paint (I used Americana's Tangelo Orange mixed with Folk Art's Terra Cotta)
Green Paint - (Folk Art's Thicket)
Staining Antiquing Medium (Americana) (This can be found in the paint section at Roberts)
Brown Paint (Americana's Burnt Umber)
Black Spray Paint
Clear Spray Paint
Foam Brushes
Sand Paper
Bead Board
1x4 scrap - 15" long
Table Saw

Here's the bead board I got:

It was about $11.

First, trace your template onto the back side of your board. 
Be sure to print them at 100% or check that your page scaling is clicked on "none".

Then with a jigsaw cut out the pumpkins.

Sand the rough edges.

Now it's time to start painting.
I used the Tangelo Orange and added a little bit of Terra Cotta, like shown and mixed it together. (The only reason is for this is the stores were out of pumpkin orange.)

Paint your pumpkin. I did two coats on the flat side and three on the bead board side.

Sand the edges up a little bit on the bead board side.

Next you'll want to antique the bead board side.  Take equal amounts of your Staining Antiquing Medium and Burnt Umber and mix together. This creates your glaze. You only need a small amount. I'm so glad that I found this stuff. It's only around $2. It sure beats buying a whole quart of glaze.

With a foam brush spread your glaze all over your pumpkin.

Wipe it off with a dry paper towel.

You can use a wet paper towel if you want more of the glaze to come off.  Some times I do it that way. For this project I thought it looked good using the dry paper towel.

Here's the difference between one that's glazed and one that's not. 

Next you need to make your stand.  Take your 1x4 and cut it to 15" long.  Then you're going to cut some grooves in it.  Lower the saw on your table to about 3/8 inch. Cut the board lengthwise at 1" in. Move to 1 1/8 inch and cut again. Test that the groove is big enough for the pumpkin. Cut your next groove 1 3/4" then move to 1 7/8" and cut again. The last groove should start at 
2 3/8", cut again at 2 1/2.

Spray paint your stand black.  Spray your pumpkins front and back with some clear glossy spray paint. (You need this especially on the front to seal the glaze.)

I cut out some faces onto vinyl using my silhouette. I downloaded "jack-o-lantern lineup by Sarah Bailey"  Set the pumpkins in your stand and voila.

I'm so excited about these pumpkins. I have more bead board so I'll be making something out of it for my Christmas decor.

Don't have a table saw to make the grooved stand? Don't let that stop you. Here are a couple other ways to display them:

I used 1/4  wood bit to drill some holes before painting. Then I just attached the pumpkins together with ribbon.

If you make some pumpkins, I'd love to see them.

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  2. You are SO my kind of crafter! That's my favorite thing about decorating with pumpkins. One side for Halloween and the other for Fall! These are adorable!

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  11. These are so cute. I love the look of the bead board pumpkins and that you get multi use out of it for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  12. Cute idea! You really do like beadboard!!!!

  13. Oh how Cute! What a fun decoration and its great that you can use it for more than just Halloween, but for all of fall too! How clever!

  14. Those are really, really cute! I love your stand, the way it displays them at different depths. Very cool! I think I'm going to have to sweet talk my brother into cutting some wood for me. :)

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  17. These are truly completely amazing! Oh my goodness this is so clever how you made everything! Thank you SO much for the great inspiration!
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