Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Entry

Here is one of those pre-blog projects.  However I did recently update the pictures. I used the pictures from our camping trip.
I change out a few things depending on the season/holiday.

The rocks on the shelf are actually petrified wood - pretty cool huh?

This turkey tail wreath is probably one of my all time favorite projects. I made it years ago. My husband saw it in a hunting magazine.  It's just a straw wreath and you poke the feathers in it. I love how unique it is and how well it fits in with the main living area.{We have a LOT of taxidermy (aka dead animals) in our house.}  I change out the ribbon depending on the holiday.


  1. Really CUTE! Love your entry way.

  2. LOVE the turkey tail wreath...very original and cool looking...where can I get/buy turkey feathers? LOL! and thanks for linking up.


  3. Love the wreath!! I have all my feathers piled up sitting in a cabinet. I've picked them up over the years, everybody thinks I'm nuts. I too have a lot of "dead animals" in my family room is decorated in an outdoorsy theme. Mine is mostly skulls and antlers, the actual taxidermy is hanging on the walls where hubby works. Nice to see someone else decorate with moose, etc.