Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ABC Scrapbook

 We're gone to Disneyland this week! Yay!!!

While I'm gone, I thought I'd share a few pre-blog projects. I made an ABC Scrapbook for my two little girls.  I wanted to make this for my son when he was preschool age, but I never got around to it. I did an 8x8 sized book. The kids love to look at it.

 Here are a few of my favorite pages:

When I sat down to look through the pictures we had, I was surprised how many of the letters I was able to do.  There were a some letters that I had multiple pictures for and only a few that I had to have the kids pose for

To give you a little more inspiration here's the list of the words I used for each letter.

A Adorable 
B Blessing, Baptism 
C Cookies, Cousins 
D Dishes
E Easter 
F Family 
G Golf, Gardening
H Halloween, Hunting 
I Ice Cream 
J Jump, Jewelry 
K Karate
L Lego 
M Mt. Rushmore 
N Nap 
O Ornaments 
P Princess 
Q Quilt
R Read 
S Snowbunny 
T Temple
U Umbrella
V Very cute
W Water 
X Xtraordinary 
Y Yellow 
Z Zoo,Zebra 

Go through your pictures, you will be amazed at how many pictures you already have that would work for a letter of the alphabet.

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