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Cake Mix Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodle cookies with a cake batter flavor twist. These cookies are crisp on the outside with a chewy center. YUM!

cake mix snickerdoodles

Last week I was making some Snickerdoodles. In the middle of making them I remembered about all the cake batter cookies I've seen.

Since I'd already started making them, I added in some cake mix and pudding mix to my recipe. They turned out to be the most delicious cookies I have had in a long time.

I could NOT stop eating the dough or the cookies. The cookies were crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle. Perfection! 

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Cake Mix Snickerdoodles

These cookies are not your typical 'add a few ingredients to a cake mix' type recipe. While I love a cake mix cookie (like homemade oreo cookies, or Rolo cookies), they sometimes lack dimension in flavor. They also tend to dry out rather quickly.
cake batter flavored snickerdoodles

This recipe is based off a tried and true Snickerdoodle recipe from Grandma. I adapted it to create a cake batter flavored cookie.

Note 6-18-19: This post was originally posted 5-18-12. It had a total of 1 paragraph, 1 picture and the recipe. These cookies are WAY too good to be left at the bottom of my blog where no one will find them. I've updated the post with new pictures and a few more details.

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snickerdoodles with a cake batter flavor twist

You guys! They are so good! They are to die for fresh out of the oven. But they're are really good once they've cooled too. Honestly, it's probably a good thing my kids like them, or I'd eat ALL of them myself.

snickerdoodles with cake mix

Tip: To prevent over cooking cookies, I learned this trick: Remove them from the oven when they still look not quite done. Let them sit on the pan for 2 minutes before removing to a wire rack to cool completely.
Pretty much any cookie I make, I use this little tip. The heat from the pan allows the cookie to continue cooking without over cooking it like it would if you left it in the oven. It creates the perfectly under-cooked center without being gooey.

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cake batter snickerdoodles

My favorite equipment for baking cookies

  • glass bowl - I like these ones with lids. They're great for mixing together all kinds of food. And they come in different sizes to fit your needs.
  • wooden spoon - I almost never use a mixer for cookies. A wooden spoon creates the BEST cookies! 
  • quality baking sheets- Forget the cheap pans, my cookies never turn out right with a flimsy inexpensive pan. Nordic ware is my favorite baking sheet for cookies. 
  • spatula - a sturdy spatula is great for removing the cookies. I prefer a metal one vs. a plastic one.
  • wire racks - for years, I used cheapo wire racks. You know the ones where the wires come off? Well I finally got some nicer ones (still not very expensive) and they are SO much better!
  • measuring cups and spoons - of course, we can't forget these to measure exact quantities.

Cake Batter Snickerdoodles

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Cake Mix Snickerdoodles

Cake Mix Snickerdoodles

Servings: 24
Author: Rachel
Prep time: 10 MinCook time: 10 MinTotal time: 20 Min
Snickerdoodle cookies with a cake batter flavor twist. These cookies are crisp on the outside with a chewy center. YUM!


  • 1 c. sugar
  • 1/2 c. brown sugar
  • 1 c. shortening (I like butter-flavored)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • 2 c. flour
  • 3/4 c. dry yellow cake mix
  • 1 box (3.4 oz) dry vanilla pudding mix
  • 1 t. baking soda
  • 1 t. cream of tartar
  • 1/2 t. salt
  • 1/2 c. sugar
  • 1 T. cinnamon


  1. With a wooden spoon, cream together shortening, 1 cup sugar and brown sugar.
  2. Add eggs and vanilla and stir. 
  3. Add flour, cake mix, pudding mix, baking soda, cream of tartar and salt. Mix well.
  4. Roll into small balls. 
  5. Combine 1/2 c. sugar with the cinnamon. Roll each cookie dough ball into the sugar mixture.
  6. Bake on a greased cookie sheet at 375 for 8-10 minutes.
  7. Let cool on pan for 2 minutes before removing to a wire rack to cool completely.

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