Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mini Hair Series - Double Braid

I'm so excited for the mini series I'm doing this week. It's all about hair. Braided hair to be exact. 

Here's the line up:

Today - Double Braid
Friday - Triple Braid

Isn't that so pretty?!! I am so loving it. 

I actually made a video. After 18 takes, I realized don't know how to edit the dvd so I can upload only the clip that turned out right.  {any help with that would be appreciated}

So I'll do my best to explain it and if/when I figure out how to share the video, I will.

To do this braid you need to know how to do two braids, a waterfall braid {go here} and a french braid {go here} Cute Girls Hairstyles is an amazing site with tons of super cute hair styles. Go check them out. Just make sure you have an hour or two to spend as you drool over amazing hair-dos, all with video tutorials.

I parted the hair on the side, then started a waterfall braid on the side with more hair. 
I braided it diagonally across the back of the head ending at the ear at the opposite side of the head. Then continue braiding to the end of the hair.

This is what it should look like at this point: {you like my laundry basket in the background? - at least it's folded}

Next, you are going to do a french braid starting on the same side that you started the waterfall braid on. 

 As you add the top sections into the french braid, you are going to want to grab just the waterfall pieces. {see the arrows? that's the piece of hair you want to add in}

The bottom part of the braid will be added in as normal, just make sure not to grab a piece of the waterfall.

I opted to end the braid at the base of the neck. It's really cute if you braid it all the way down too.

So what do you think? Is it something you would try? Were you able to understand my rambling instructions? Would a video be more helpful?

I'd love to hear you thoughts.


  1. Absolutely amazing! Now I need a trick on how to get Riley to stay still for as long as it would take me to do that. It is so pretty though. Do think candy is asking too much?

  2. I so need to learn to do this! This is amazing! Thanks for sharing this week at Creative Thursday :)

  3. I'm glad you included a link for the waterfall braid. I guess I'd better perfect that before I try the double! I can't wait! Thanks for sharing this week at One Creative Weekend!

  4. WOW! What a beautiful look! My little gal just turned 4, and we're still waiting for her hair to really come in. She has a few little curls here and there. I'll remember this for when her hair finally makes an appearance. (At this rate, she might be in high school!) :)

  5. Hi, Rachel. Inspired by your posts, I tried the waterfall braid (even on my tomboy). I featured your braid tutorials on today. (My braids are very "beginner," but it's a start!) Thanks for the inspiration. Please grab a feature button if you'd like one.

  6. Love this. Now if only I could teach D how to braid my hair (yeah, right!) Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you tomorrow.