Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crocheted Mittens

It's cold, I mean really cold,  where I live. The other day when I took the kids to school it was one below. That afternoon it warmed up to a whopping 9 degrees. So to help my kiddos' hands stay warm I made them mittens.

Every winter I go through a phase where I feel like crocheting. Last year I crocheted hats for all my kids. You can find the hats here.
This year with the leftover yarn, I made mittens to match for my girls. My son already had gloves and I didn't have any yarn left over from his hat. {He always seems to be left out, but honestly I don't think he cares}

This project actually started last year. Below are a couple of my first attempts. I didn't like the pattern I used. It basically had you make two flat pieces and then stitch them together. The mitten on the left was my first attempt. It was ok, but it was too small. So I tried with all my expertise {can you hear the sarcasm} to make it larger. The result was the mitten on the right. I laugh when I look at it.

Well, I found a different pattern that I love! It's so much better. I made one of the mittens last year and then it sat in my crochet bag for an entire year before I finished it's mate. I ended up having to unravel one of the ugly mittens in order to have enough yarn to finish it.

These ones are for my 3 year old.

And these ones I made for my 5 year old.

 One of the things I love about this pattern is that it is for multiple sizes. Child, women's and men's. For my oldest, I made the women's mitten but shortened them a bit. {Basically I just left out a few rows in the middle of the glove.}

You can see that I ran out of yarn. I found some cream yarn in my stash that was a close match. I'm not sure if the store would even have the same yarn as last year. And then I'd have a whole skein and probably wouldn't use it.

Stay tuned, I made myself a hat too.{Actually I made two, but only one is wearable.} It will probably be next week before I share it. Too many things on the family calendar to get to it before then.

New to Crochet? 
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  1. Cute! I pinned this post. I laughed at your failed attempts because I have a similar crocheted mitten story:)!

  2. Wow, that IS cold!! I love the patters of these mittens! I need to place an order! Thanks for sharing at One Creative Weekend!

  3. I still have the mittens my grandma knit for me 40 years ago! Love them.
    I just started a new Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party on my blog this week - would love to have you stop by and share!


    1. Thanks for sharing over at Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party. Hope you'll join in again tomorrow!

  4. Cute mittens! They're adorable!

    T'onna @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  5. Hi,
    You have some great ideas and we would like for you to share with our readers too. We are hosting our first link party tomorrow and we would like to invite you to link up with us. We have a fun blog to co-host with us. Hope to see you there.

    The Busy Bee's,
    Myrna and Joye.

  6. So adorable! I love how they turned out, and the choice or yarn!!

  7. Rachel,
    These are SOOO cute! I just started crocheting in November and can't wait to try these. My daughter will love a pair of these mittens :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Thursday :)

  8. Love them!! How did you get them small enough to fit your 3 year old? Or did the 5/6 yr size fit her? Thanks!!