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Easy Crochet Projects Plus Tips for Beginners

This post is all about helping you find easy crochet projects.

I remember when I first started crocheting and it was hard to find projects that I felt I could do without being overwhelmed. I mean, I didn't know any fancy stitches. I could chain, single, double and triple crochet. Beyond that, I was lost.

So I've gathered up a wide variety of easy crochet patterns that use basic stitches to share with you. These projects are ideal for beginners, plus I've added several tips to help you be successful as you learn to crochet.

12+ easy crochet projects collage

Easy Crochet Projects Plus Tips for Beginners

Tips for Crochet Beginners

Tip 1 - Practice

Crochet is something that takes a little bit of time to master. Keeping the string tension the same as you are trying to figure out how to move the hook can be difficult.

I suggest practicing the stitches before starting a project. Grab some yarn and chain 20, then single crochet in each stitch. When you get to the end, turn and keep going until you feel comfortable with the stitch.

You can do this with any stitch you are trying to learn. Once you feel comfortable, then start a project

Easy Reversible Crochet Boot Cuffs

These boot cuffs are darling and they are a quick project using only a half double crochet stitch and chain. Small projects are perfect for beginners. Which brings us to tip #2.

Tip 2 - Start with a small crochet project

If you are new to crocheting, be sure to start with a small project with just a few stitches.

Large and/or complicated patterns lead to feeling overwhelmed. So do yourself a favor and start small. You'll be able to finish the project much quicker.

Easy Crochet Ear Warmer
Easy Crochet Ear Warmer by Kristine in Between

This is so pretty and can be worked up fairly quickly.

Tip 3 - Google those crochet terms

sc, dc, hdc, fpdc... what in the world do all these mean?

I'll be honest with you, I'm not the best at remembering what the abbreviations stand for. So I google them.

It's a quick and easy way to make sure you are using the correct stitches.

super easy crocheted hotpad
Make a super easy crocheted hotpad the way my Grandma taught me. A hotpad was the first thing I ever crocheted. This is the best project for beginners - you only need to know how to chain and single crochet.

Tip 4 - Find someone to teach you to crochet

There is just no substitute for hands-on learning. Ask your mom, grandma, aunt, neighbor or friend to help you get started. An experienced crocheter can share tips and point out ways to improve. 

crocheted baby hat

How darling is this little baby hat?! You can find the pattern at This Mama Makes Stuff. She also has a video which is super helpful when you're learning to crochet.

 Blankets can be intimidating because they are so large. But this one is so easy! This crochet blanket is made using half double crochet stitches.

Because it's made with a thick blanket yarn, it whips up in no time.

Tip 5 - Watch How-to Videos

Don't know how to do a stitch? You can bet there's lots of video tutorials out there to help you. Sometimes step-by-step pictures help, but actually watching someone doing it is even more helpful. 

easy rose crochet pattern

Easy rose crochet pattern by Skip to My Lou

These roses are the perfect accessory to add to a little girls hat. Add a clip and she can wear it in her hair.

Tip 6 - Keep trying

When learning something new, the first project made is not going to be perfect. Don't let that stop you from trying again. Practice makes progress. Keep trying and you'll see improvement.

easiest afghan ever

I love the simplicity of this blanket. It works up with simple stitches.
Easiest Afghan Ever by Kristine In Between 

striped crochet baskets

Striped Crochet Baskets by Red Heart

One of the projects on my bucket list is to make a crocheted basket. Another project just using chain and single crochet stitches.

Yarn Embellished Pumpkins - A mix between a craft project and a crochet project that is perfect for beginners.

farmhouse washcloths crochet pattern

These Farmhouse washcloths from Mama in a Stitch look easy to make. She has a how-to video as well. 
granny stripe blanket

I'll be honest with you, afghan projects kinda scare me. I mean, it's a big time commitment! And what if I make a mistake? Will it ruin the whole thing?

This Granny stripe blanket was my first "big" project and is so easy to make.  It's one of those patterns that you get the first couple rows started and then there's no counting. And if you miss a stitch or add a stitch by mistake, then it doesn't affect the outcome. If you're like me and a bit wary to start an afghan, this project is for you.

easy crochet bracelet

I love this easy crocheted bracelet from The New Crochet
Simple, easy, stunning!

crocheted hats

A few of my first crochet projects on the blog were these crocheted hats I made each of my kids. You can find a link to each pattern in the post. The cream hat was a bit more complicated, but the others were perfect for beginners.

easy crochet coaster pattern

Easy crochet coaster pattern by Sustain my Craft Habit
This pattern uses several stitches, but none that are too hard. The coasters are small, so if you have some extra yarn laying around give them a try.

crochet cozy for jars

Crochet cozy for jars by Grateful Prayer, Thankful Heart

I'm not sure what it is about these jar cozy's, but I am ready to cover all the jars in my house. I absolutely love the texture and the neutral colors. This project has a few stitches, but is fairly simple, with lots of how-to pictures.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to dig through my yarn and give some of these crochet projects  a try. I hope you found a project that inspires you.

easy crochet patterns collage


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