Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Granny Stripe Crochet Blanket

 Cozy up with this Granny Stripe Crochet Blanket. This afghan works up easily. Once you get the first couple rows done, there's no counting and you can mindlessly crochet while watching tv.

Granny Stripe Crocheted Blanket
We're in the dead of winter here in Utah! One of the things about Utah is that if you don't like the weather, just wait until tomorrow - it's sure to change. In the last week we have had below zero temperatures, a foot of snow, freezing rain, hail, rainstorms, lightning storms and right now it's a balmy 42 degrees.

Granny Sripe Crocheted Blanket
There's one thing that's certain. And that is that the evenings and nights are cold. I've wanted a blanket to keep in the living room that coordinates with the room.  So I decided to crochet one.

Granny Stripe Crocheted Blanket

I was a little bit intimidated by making a large afghan. I've only crocheted small things like hats and hot pads. I was worried that I wouldn't ever finish it. So I knew I needed to make something easy. This Granny Stripe crocheted blanket was perfect - easy, simple, and at the same time georgeous.

(I've tackled another crochet blanket, you can find the tutorial here)

Granny Stripe Crocheted Afghan
I found the pattern from Maybe Matilda. Her tutorial is for a baby blanket. I enlarged it, but otherwise followed her instructions.
She has a really good step-by-step tutorial with pictures for the Granny Stripe Blanket, time saving tips and instructions for the edging.  I really recommend checking all three tutorials out. She knows her stuff.

Granny Stripe Crocheted Blanket

I will say that since I made it so large, it took me much longer to make than I anticipated. Part of the reason is because I didn't work on it consistently. I would go months at a time without picking it up. But earlier this fall, I buckled down finished it up. Mostly because I was looking forward to cuddling up with it this winter. I think the kids like it as much or more than me. They're always snuggling in it.

Now I want to make one for my bedroom too!

Have you ever tackled a large crochet project?

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  1. Your blanket is lovely! Would love it if you came over to my blog and share it on my link party. Have a great day! Best wishes, Annemarie