Easy Crochet Blanket Tutorial

Learn to make an EASY and QUICK crochet blanket. I was totally surprised at how fast this afghan worked up! This tutorial uses just two stitches, chain and half double crochet, making it a great blanket for beginners. Using a thick yarn, like Bernat blanket yarn, speeds up the process. The thicker the yarn, the faster the blanket will be finished.

Easy Crochet Blanket Tutorial

Easy Crochet Blanket Tutorial

Each winter, I go through a bit of a crochet phase. There's just something cozy about hunkering down inside with a crochet project. My last big project was a granny stripe blanket. Some years I make hats or mittens. Most years, I make a few new hot pads either with this super easy pattern, or this scalloped edge pattern.

When I came across some blanket yarn, I knew I needed to make another afghan this winter. I am sold on the thick yarn. It went so quick!! I am a huge fan of projects that work up quickly. So today, I'm sharing a tutorial for a quick and easy crochet blanket.

Quick and Easy Crochet Blanket Tutorial perfect for beginners or crocheters who want a project they can complete fast!

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Supplies needed for crochet blanket

Let's start with the supplies. You don't need much, some yarn, a hook and some scissors.

crochet hook

Stitches you need to know

This blanket uses only two stitches, so it's great for beginners. For your convenience, I found some great tutorials on how to do these stitches.

how to make an easy crochet blanket

Finished Blanket Size

Let's talk a little bit about the blanket size. The finished size of my blanket is 52" X 90". A typical afghan is about 50" X 65".

My husband is tall (6'3") and I specifically made this blanket extra long to work for him. It ended up longer than I anticipated. I did a lot of the crocheting in the car during a long trip. I couldn't spread it out to see how long it was getting.

Honestly, I should have stopped after 5 skeins, but I used 6. If I made it for myself (I'm 5'3"), 4 skeins would have been enough.

The great thing is you can make it the length you want! Each skein of yarn creates a stripe that is 14-16 inches long.

how to make an easy crochet afghan

Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

1 - Begin with a slip knot
2 - Chain 80
3 - In third stitch, half double crochet
4 - Half double crochet in each remaining stitch of the chain
5 - Chain 2, turn
6 - In second stitch, half double crochet
7 - Half double crochet in each remaining stitch
8 - Repeat steps 5-8 until blanket is desired length
9 - Tie off and weave in ends

There you have it! An easy blanket that works up in no time.

If you make this blanket, I'd love to see! Tag me on Instagram, or send me an email (contactdiymom@gmail.com)

A simple crochet blanket that every beginner MUST try! Get the pattern for this easy blanket now!

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  1. That blanket looks super warm & cozy. Very pretty colors! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!