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35+ Dishcloth Crochet Patterns

Starting out or trying to improve your crochet skills? Check out these crochet dishcloth patterns that cover a range of skill levels.

One thing I love about washcloth patterns is that they are quick to make. You can make an entire dishcloth in one sitting. They also often use basic crochet stitches that are easy to learn. These are some reasons that crocheted dishcloths make a great first crochet project.  


Great for gifting, learning, and utilizing in your home, these patterns for crochet dishcloths will keep you busy creating.

Grab your favorite cotton yarn and browse through the options to find the perfect pattern for you.

If you love simple crochet projects, check out this post for quick and easy crochet ideas.

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collage of crochet dishcloth patterns
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There are a variety of great free crochet dishcloth patterns to enjoy. Get to work trying your hand at some different stitches to make crochet dishcloths.

beginner crochet dishcloth
Beginner Crochet Dishcloth by Easy Crochet

Starting out with crochet? This is a great beginner friendly crochet dishcloth pattern. This simple pattern helps you create a simple square dishcloth.

farmhouse dishcloth
Farmhouse Dishcloth by The Turtle Trunk

If you love the farmhouse style, you've got to try out this pattern. This great texture really does have a farmhouse style, that will look great in a farmhouse kitchen. 

Another plus is this free crochet pattern is a 3 in 1 pattern! You can make dish cloths, a dish towel, or a hanging dish towel with this pattern.

waffle stitch pattern
Waffle Stitch Pattern by I Can Crochet That

Create a waffle pattern with this waffle stitch pattern for a little more texture to your dishcloth. Having more texture makes this one great for scrubbing. 

mama's crochet dishcloth
Mama's Crochet Dishcloth by Crochet 365 and Knit Too

Now this pattern is so pretty! Packaging up a set of dishcloths made with this easy pattern would make a great housewarming gift. 

even moss stitch dishcloth
Even Moss Stitch Dishcloth by First the Coffee

If you are looking for a more dense stitch full of gorgeous texture try out an even moss stitch. Here is a pattern for how to use the stitch to make crochet washcloths.

spring crochet dishcloths
Spring Crochet Dishcloths by Daisy Farm Crafts

A simple dishcloth can still be very lovely when you use beautiful colors and this pattern. The simple border adds so much don't you think?

And can you believe this pattern is made with just single crochet stitches and a slip stitch? This is a great way for beginner crocheters to get started with crochet. 

double v stitch dishcloth pattern
Double V Stitch Pattern by A More Crafty Life

If you are a sucker for gorgeous texture like I am, you need to try this pattern. The double V stitch gives a gorgeous look and I especially love it using a varied colored yarn.

dotty dishcloth
Dotty Dishcloth by The Turtle Trunk

How beautiful is this dotty style? It almost mimics little bobbles. Another great one for washing and scrubbing.

textured dishcloth pattern
Textured Pattern by Maria's Blue Crayon

Crochet is beautiful because there are so many different ways to make texture. For a diagonal patterned dishcloth that makes a great gift, try this pattern.

sunshine dishcloth
Sunshine Dishcloth by Avery Lane Creations

Looking for an easy crochet washcloth pattern, that has something special about it? Look no further than this sunshine dishcloth.

corner to corner moss stitch dish cloth
Corner to Corner Moss Stitch by Yay for Yarn

After you've mastered the moss stitch, take it to the next level. With a corner to corner design you can vary this pattern using different colors of yarn. 

diamond crochet dishcloth pattern
Diamond Crochet Dishcloth Pattern by BB Creative

This pattern is really extra! Extra pretty is what we mean. We love the intricate looking diamond pattern. 

honeycomb dishcloth pattern
Honeycomb Dishcloth Pattern by Raffamusa Designs

If diamonds aren't your thing, then maybe this honeycomb pattern is. Another intricate design that will create a beautiful dishcloth with a free pattern.



In this section we are featuring dishcloth crochet patterns to buy. A whole lot of time and effort goes into creating crochet patterns. Let's how some support for these small business owners.

easy cottage dishcloth pattern
Easy Cottage Dishcloth by Daisy Cottage Designs

Another easy, but modern crochet pattern that is appropriate for crochet beginners. Especially those looking for a lovely lined dishcloth pattern. 

even moss stitch pattern
Even Moss Stitch Pattern by Hard Knot Life Crochet

Another take on the even moss stitch. We love that this pattern really gives a herringbone style effect with the stitching. 

cottage comfort washcloth pattern
Cottage Comfort Dishcloth Pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs

Here is another easy pattern, but just because a pattern is easy, doesn't mean it won't turn out stunning. Like this simple cottage comfort gives lovely repeating texture.

set of four crochet dishcloth patterns
Set of Four Crochet Dishcloth Patterns by Petals to Picots

We love this pattern set includes four different designs! Expand your basic crochet knowledge and enjoy trying your hand at these different styles.

harlequin dishcloth pattern
Harlequin Dishcloth by Hard Knot Life Crochet

Another very intricate, but lovely pattern to try. Utilize the harlequin stitch for this design that is almost too pretty to use.

super splash dishcloth
Super Splash Dishcloth by Crochet Glenda

Who says dishcloths have to be square??? Not us! We love this round style dishcloth pattern. 

simple single crochet dishcloth
Simple Single Crochet Dishcloth by Blackstone Designs

Less texture and a simpler design shine in this easy crochet dishcloth pattern. Another pattern for those starting to learn crochet. 

crochet heart dishcloth
Crochet Heart Dishcloth by Crochet Glenda

Try another alternative to a square with this pattern. Send love when gifting dishcloths made using a heart shape dishcloth pattern.

easy crochet dishcloth pattern
Easy Crochet Dishcloth Pattern by Ambassador Crochet 

Create dishcloths that replicate a woven basket weave type texture.  This pattern is great for making luxurious washcloths in any color of your choosing.

easy picot dishcloth pattern
Easy Picot Dishcloth by Woods and Wool Shop

Add a touch of lace to your dishcloths to fancy up dish washing. This pattern shows you how to add a lacy edge. Go for a contrasting color for a stunning effect.

vine and dandy dishcloth pattern
Vine and Dandy Dishcloth by Punky Peach Crochet

This pattern also reminds me of a farmhouse style crochet dishcloth. The style is perfect for gifting for any occasion. 

shamrock dishcloth pattern
Shamrock Dishcloth by Lainetree Crochet

Add a little bit of luck to your crocheting by learning how to add a shamrock shape into your dishcloths. There really are so many unique ways to crochet a dishcloth.



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collage of crochet dishcloth patterns

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