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40 Doily Crochet Patterns (Includes Free Patterns)

Make one of these doily crochet patterns to dress up your coffee table, dining table, walls, and more! Crochet doilies are a pretty project to tackle next.


Ready for a really cute decoration? We are sharing patterns for our favorite styles of doilies. From modern to vintage, big to small, and everything in between.
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collage of crochet doilies
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Free patterns are a great way to make your next keepsake doily piece. Check out these patterns and don't forget to save this post for later, when you are ready to get crocheting these doilies.

solar brilliance doily
Solar Brilliance by Draiguna

Let's start with one of our favorite free crochet doily patterns. Solar brilliance gives a beautiful sunset design when using these colors. It will bring a beautiful pop of color to your living room, or wherever you display it.

sweetheart soiree doily
Sweetheart Soirée by Draiguna

Show some love with this free crochet pattern, that features heart shapes crocheted into the doily. Do it in different colors of reds or pinks for a Valentine decor, or a neutral color for an everyday look.

spiral lace doily
Spiral Lace Doily by Crochet for You

For a sweet doily crochet pattern go for a round look with a twist. Spiral out from the edges to create this pretty design. 

sunmote doily
Sunmote by Draiguna

If you love sunflowers, or floral patterns, this is the one for you. A free pattern that looks like a sunflower, or other flower depending on the color choices.
wispweave octagon
Wispweave Octagon by Draiguna

Crochet doilies can range from simple to more intricate like this wisp weave octagon. The detailed stitches give this one a very fancy look.

amber placemat
Amber Placemat By Raji's Craft Hobby

Update your home decor by adding a colorful doily to any table. There are so many color combinations that would go beautifully with this pattern.

pinwheel crochet swirl doily
Pinwheel Crochet Swirl by Raji's Craft Hobby

A handmade doily makes a great gift idea. Make it a custom gift by picking colors that match the recipient's home decor or favorite colors.

lilac coral doily
Lilac Coral Doily by Raji's Craft Hobby

One more pretty free doily crochet pattern to share. This round manadela design is perfect to place under a plant or other centerpiece. The bright colors really make it stand out.



In this section we are featuring crochet doily patterns to purchase. We love to feature pattern makers and support them for the time and effort they put in to create them for us to recreate lovely projects.

aracnoweave doily
Aracnoweave by Draiguna

Advanced crocheters will love this beautiful intricate round design. This pattern really makes a showstopping doily.

lace star doily
Lace Star Doily by PapuShoi Patterns

Dress up your dining table for a dinner party or holiday dinner. The lace star design adds unique edges, and looks stunning in a coral color.

first timer doily
First Timer Doily by Crochet Spot Patterns

If you are a beginner, try this easy crochet pattern. It is named perfectly. If you are ready to make your first doily, a simple pattern using basic crochet stitches like this is best.

charmee textured doily
Charmee Textured Doily by Gangarathna Designs

If you are looking for a decorative piece that could be hung on a wall, or kept on a side or end table to show off this gorgeous work. Another more advanced project.

beatrice doily
Beatrice by Tanya Vinamor for Lovely Doilies

Put your expert crochet skills to use with this elaborate doily. So many designs within this one doily. I love the points, flowers, and various stitches.

square doily pattern
Square Doily Pattern by Mondo TSK

Ready for a non-round easy crochet doily? In this case it might be more hip to be square when making your next doily project.

evalina doily
Evelina by Maly Darek

Crochet mandalas are a gorgeous way to show off your crocheting skills. They look great on round tables to accent the round shape of the mandala. 

doily amal
Doily Amal by Lena Masterica

Another way to crochet a square doily with a bunch of frilly details. This elegant lace doily pattern combines a variety of stitches for a pretty look you will smile at every time you see it.

bloomin' extra large doily
Bloomin' Extra Large Doily by Whitty Creation Studio

Any skill level can go big with this extra large yet simple pattern design. The simplicity in the repetition on this one is really what makes it look so awesome. 

small flower doily
Small Flower Doily by Nelly Crochet Patterns

This one is a great classic crochet doily pattern. Classic and floral and a small project. This one can be made really quickly and another great one to gift to friends.

donna doily pattern
Donna Pattern by Gull808

If you have a dining table that is oval shaped or elongated, adding this sophisticated design to your table will take it to the next level. This pattern is another great one for a crocheter with more complex skills.

seven pointed star doily
Seven Pointed Star Doily by Kristines' Crochets

A star is a beautiful design idea for a doily. This star is especially unique with its seven points and that cute mini star in the middle of the doily.

crochet swirly doily
Crochet Swirly Doily by Just Crochet 1 

Flower inspired designs are so feminine and delicate. Plus this one is an easy crochet project for beginner and intermediate levels.

crochet table runner doily
Crochet Table Runner Doily by Dolia Galina Crochet

Perfect for styling a kitchen table, make a doily table runner. Add tassels to the end for an extra special touch. 

Cassie round doily
Cassie Round Doily by Susiluoto

Add bobbles around a mandala crochet pattern for a individualized doily look. This crochet pattern is perfect for those who love a boho earthy home decor style.

feather pattern doily
Feather Pattern by Susiluoto

If you love feathers, this pattern mimics the look of feathers fanning out from the center. Enjoy this complicated pattern for a project that will keep you busy crocheting a gorgeous piece.

square lacy doily
Square Lacy Doily by Handmade by Raine

Square doilies make beautiful wall art. Pick a color that will pop against your walls for a wow factor when displaying your finished product.

etela doily
Etela Doily Pattern by Gull808

And one last lacy pattern to share. The vintage style of this crochet pattern is perfect for anyone who loves that old vintage feel when decorating. 



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collage of crochet doiliescollage of crochet doilies

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