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40+ Coaster Crochet Patterns (Great Projects for Beginners!)

Protect your tables with a fun crochet project when you make a new set of crochet coasters. Make a set of coasters for yourself and/or as a great gift for a friend.


There are so many awesome coaster crochet patterns that we've found to share with you. From simple to unique there is a set of coaster for everyone in this post. 

Check out this post for more quick and easy crochet projects.

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collage of crochet coaster patterns
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Start with these free crochet coasters patterns and then branch out from there. Coasters can show off personality through colors, texture, and designs. Take a look.

quick and easy crochet coasters
Quick and Easy Crochet Coasters by Sustain My Craft Habit

Whip up coaster super fast with this pattern. It has a floral design that looks good in colors and neutrals alike.

flower coasters
Flower Coasters by One Little Project

There are so many ways to do flower coasters. This pattern is a tighter stitched version.

flower coasters
Flower Coasters by 1 Dog Woof

Free coaster crochet patterns come in so many varieties. Here you can see a different style of stitching for the middle of the flower coaster. It's a perfect project for beginners because it requires only a few basic stitches.

candy swirl coasters
Candy Swirl Coasters by Hooked on Patterns

A spin on a free pattern for coasters with these swirls. Pick two contrasting colors to really highlight the swirl pattern in these round coasters.

heart coasters
Heart Coasters by Hooked on Patterns

If you love coasters, you will love this free crochet pattern for heart shaped coasters. Use for everyday, or crochet them in pinks and reds for Valentine's Day decor.

square textured coasters
Square Textured Coasters by Joy of Motion Crochet

It is hip to be square with these simple crochet coasters. If you want a different look on this pattern outline the square shape in another color of yarn.

koala coasters
Koala Coasters by Hooked on Patterns

Take a trip down under and crochet some Koala bear coasters. They turned out so sweet and cute.

simple modern coasters
Simple Modern Coasters by Crochet For You

Simple and modern, start with a round center and then add a pretty border to these coasters. Go for a neutral color to stick with the modern design theme.

easy mug rug
Easy Mug Rug by Jo to the World

How cute are these mug rug coasters? I especially love the tassels, it really does look like a little bitty rug for a mug or cup.

paw print coasters
Paw Print Coasters by Jo to the World

We love handmade pieces, because you can customize them. Add a paw print to these fun coasters to gift to the animal lovers in your life.

turkey coasters
Turkey Coasters by Jo to the World

This might be the perfect project for a Thanksgiving seasonal crochet coaster pattern. These coasters feature a cute little colorful turkey. Perfect for thanksgiving dinner.

santa belt coasters
Santa Belt Coasters by Jo to the World

Or put your basic crochet skills to work with these Santa belt coasters for Christmas. Another great gift idea for friends, neighbors, teachers, and more.

turtle coaster
Turtle Coaster by Willow Crochet

If you want something extra cute to put your drink on, add some arms, legs, and a head for a cute little turtle coaster friend.

cat coasters
Cat Coasters by Crochet 365 Knit Too

If you are more of a cat person, try this fun project instead. Make the set in different colors for an added element of fun and everyone can have there favorite color for a coaster.

round crochet coasters
Round Crochet Coasters by My Crochet Space

Another simple pattern that is stunning! It has a little star in the middle even, that is highlighted by the two-toned color of the coaster.


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In this section I am featuring coaster crochet patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating crochet patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!  

llama coasters and holder
Llama Coasters and Holder by Olmstead Home

Now this is the best fun idea for crocheted coasters. Store them in a cute little llama holder and dress up the llama with the colorful coaster in the back.

unicorn coaster set
Unicorn Coaster Set by Olmstead Head

Or if you aren't a llama person, here is another fun way to display coasters. A unicorn with a functional horn coaster, rainbows and more! 

succulent pot planter coaster
Succulent Pot Planter Coaster by Hygge Crochet Co.

This succulent pot set is perfect for someone who has a black thumb. You know that friend who wants to keep plants alive, but it just isn't happening. Give them this pot of coasters to add green to their decor.

monstera leaf coasters
Monstera Leaf Coasters by SB Crochet Patterns

Another plant themed coaster set, that you can store in a pot holder, the leaves are actual leaves in and out of the pot.

cactus coaster set
Cactus Coaster Set by Montana Mama Gifts

One last plant inspired easy crochet coaster pattern. I like this different way to display cute little cactus style coasters. I love diy projects that blend function with a bit of home decor.

coasters and holder
Coasters and Holder by My Alpaca Studio

Make classic crochet rounds, but make them your own by adding a leather stamped tag to personalize them. These would even be fun to make in a rainbow of colors.

round coasters
Round Coasters by Natalya 1905

Round easy patterns make the most functional coasters. These are a thicker coaster that will protect surfaces like your coffee table or dining table.

farmhouse crochet coasters
Farmhouse Crochet Coasters by The Turtle Trunk

The texture in this crocheted coaster is top notch. And this is a great way to make a matching set that isn't all the same yet still cohesive.    

hello sunshine coasters
Hello Sunshine Coasters by The Turtle Trunk

More tassels for more cute coasters. Another great idea for a set of matching coasters that aren't all the same color. Pick a color scheme and then do varying shades.

modern geometric coaster patterns
Modern Geometric Coaster Patterns by TLB Patterns

Simple patterns look so great in simple colors like black and white. Embrace geometric designs with this set of four different but matching coasters.

daisy coasters
Daisy Coasters by Vivmade Crochet

This pattern was inspired by daisies, and it takes a more intricate design than the previous flower coasters in this post. I would love to see these with a yellow center and white petals.

kent coasters
Kent Coasters by Hearth and Wool

Basic crochet stitches shine in a square or circle shaped coaster, but then add a fun element by adding a leather tie to hang your coasters. These would look great hanging by a coffee or hot cocoa bar.

apple coasters
Apple Coasters by Hooked on Patterns

Can I say perfect teacher gift?? An apple of coasters, great for a teacher to use at school or home, or even for fall apple lovers.

decorative square coasters
Decorative Square Coasters by Lena Masterica

DIY crochet coasters don't have to be simple, you can go for a more intricate and decorative design. These add a pretty border around a decorative square.

hexagon coasters
Hexagon Coasters by Sara V The Maker

If you love a hexagon shape, this is the perfect quick crochet pattern. Texture and a geometric shapes is a lovely combination for a thick crochet coaster.

mosaic flower coasters
Mosaic Flower Coasters by Milimagfa Shop

This pattern for a mosaic flower could easily be made into a sunflower coaster using yellows and browns. Or do an ombre of shades as shown here.

3d flower coasters
3D Flower Coasters by Make It Yourself Papari

Dig into your scrap yarn stash to find all of the colors for pretty flowers. I love the idea of a whole flower garden of crocheted coasters.

cali nights coasters
Cali Nights Coasters by Yejee Knits

Are you a fan of rustic farmhouse decor? If you are, this is the perfect pattern for farmhouse style coasters, especially in these colors.



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collage of crochet coaster patternscollage of crochet coaster patterns

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