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35+ Adorable Crochet Animal Patterns

Are you ready to experience cuteness overload? Pick one of these cute animal crochet patterns to hone your skills, for gift giving, or just to have fun creating. 


Animals make for a great toy, or decor piece when crocheting. From land to sea animals we have a variety of adorable animals to crochet with free tutorials and patterns to buy.

Need a gift for your favorite crocheter? Check out this list of over 50 gift ideas.

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collage of crochet animals
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Let's check out these free animal crochet patterns. There are a variety of tutorials available from our blog friends that can get you started in crocheting a whole zoo of your own creations.

crochet animals
15+ Crochet Animals by Chai Coffee Crochet

This free crochet pattern bundle is so awesome! It comes with over 15 different patterns for crochet animals. I love that they are all similar in size so they make a great set.

memphis the moo cow
Memphis The Moo Cow by Nicole Chase

This free pattern will take you to the farm. An adorable little cow that looks extra soft if you use the right kind of yarn.

crochet jellyfish
Crochet Jellyfish by 1 Dog Woof

We love amigurumi patterns like this sweet jellyfish pattern. These would be fun to hang in a sea themed bedroom too.

mini unicorn
Mini Unicorn by Nicole Chase

The perfect gift for unicorn lovers! I love how sweet this one looks with the itty bitty horn and the rainbow colored mane and tail.

tanner the triceratops
Tanner the Triceratops by Nicole Chase

Take a trip back to prehistoric times with this amigurumi project for a sweet little triceratops. Imagine him in all sorts of colors, how fun!

jumbo the penguin
Jumbo the Penguin by Little World of Whimsy

This cute animal is so cuddly. This pattern is reminiscent of a Squishmallow. Crochet this pattern and stuff it up with lots of comfy cozy stuffing. The cute face is so simple with safety eyes and a little beak.

crochet elephant
Crochet Elephant by Craft Passion

The adorable animal crochet patterns keep coming. This elephant is so perfect with the tusks, ears, and trunk. A great gift idea for a little boy.

crochet bunny
Crochet bunny by Make and Do Crew

Another great gift for the lover of stuffed animals. This one would also be a cute addition to your nursery d├ęcor.

snuggly koala
Snuggly Koala by Make and Do Crew

Another great option for babies, this little snuggly koala is so sweet. You could also move the bow to the head for a baby girl.

snuggly alpaca
Snuggly Alpaca by Make and Do Crew

There is so much you can do with amigurumi animals. This pattern will help you make a sweet little llama. Add decor to the neck for a personalized touch.

crochet baby seal
Baby Seal by 1 Dog Woof

If you just want a little project, try this tiny seal.  It's the perfect size to put on a keychain, use as a bag charm, or as a toy.


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In this section I am featuring crochet animal patterns that you can purchase. A lot of hard work goes into creating crochet patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

crochet woodland creatures
Woodland Creature Bundle by Theresa's Crochet Shop

Take a trip to the forest and make a variety of forest and woodland animals. I'm in love with that moose, but they are all so adorable.

crochet farm animals
Farm Animal Bundle by 5 Little Monsters

The farm called with these cute crochet animals. This set is so sweet and I could just see the little ones playing with the whole farm. They would be cute stored in a crochet barn.

crochet hippo
Hippo by All From Jade

Amigurumi crochet patterns like this one are so fun to make. This hippo can have teeth or not, either way you like it, both are super cute. 

bat crochet pattern
Bat Crochet Pattern by Sassaroo Designs

Don't let another one of these crochet projects fly by you. Bats might be a little scary, but this bat looks so cute with a baby bowtie.

crochet pocket possum
Pocket Possum by Torreya Treasures 

This is the perfect pattern for a small project. It is fun that he can hang from his tail, and love that pink little nose.

crochet hamster pattern
Crochet Hamster Pattern by Toy Story Patterns AU

All animal lovers will enjoy this hamster pattern. It's just so cuddly and cute! Look at those precious little faces.

crochet chicken pattern
Mabel Chicken Pattern by Oak and Marlow

Another popular crochet animal pattern, a chubby little chicken pattern. Make a whole hen house with a variety of yarn colors for different looks.

crochet hummingbird pattern
Harper Hummingbird by Theresa's Crochet Shop

This little easy pattern will have you making a charming baby hummingbird. The colors for this pattern are so perfect too, but could easily be switched up.

crochet safari animals
Wild Animal Bundle by Svelta Art Shop

Go on a safari with these easy crochet animal patterns all bundled together. They even have the sweetest little faces, perfect for babies and toddlers.

crochet spider
Crochet Spider by JNW Crochet 

This is a great pattern if you want to take something a little scary and turn it into something charming and cheery. The yarn definitely makes this little guy cute and cuddly.

squishy snuggly crochet snake
Squishy Snuggly Snake by Abbey Leeoor

Another lovely gift for a snake lover. This pattern makes a soft and squishy snake that can be made in a variety of colors.

crochet hedgehog
Heath the Hedgehog by Theresa's Crochet Shop 

A magnificent way to add the spikes to a hedgehog by adding yarn in a variety of colors for a stunning effect. And look at that little nose.

crochet raccoon
Raccoon by Amigurumi Patterns LV 

This little baby, is another great idea for a keychain or bag charm. Racoons have such unique markings and you can see all of these details on this little pattern.

crochet alpaca llama
Alpaca Llama by Katy Mimi Toys

This little llama is a little different than the other one we shared in the free patterns. He has some curly hair up top and a different color pattern.

crochet peacock
Percival the Peacock by Theresa's Crochet Shop

Create a unique look with this pretty bird. The pattern features the tail feathers and sweet little head feathers.

crochet stingray
Rory the Ray by Theresa's Crochet Shop

I need to try another one of these itty bitty cute crochet animal patterns, like this ray. Small projects like this go quickly, but turn out so darn lovely.

bianca the begula
Bianca the Beluga by Theresa's Crochet Shop

Continue with the sea theme, with this cute toy. Kids can play with her by swimming her all around, and even sit on a bed or be snuggled at night.

crochet crab
Crochet Crab by Mira's Magic Pattern

Crabs are so adorable. This little animal is even smiling back at you with those cute little claws.

crochet sea animals
Sea Animals Bundle by RNata

Go under the sea with a bundle of animals. Make a whole set or a couple of these animals in different colors.

crochet lion pattern
Lion Crochet Pattern Snuggler by Spreeberry Creative

I've got heart eyes looking at this adorable amigurumi lion. He looks so soft and cuddly. Perfect gift for a new baby or toddler who loves to snuggle up with animals.

duck snuggler crochet pattern
Duck Snuggler by The Cosy Stitch

Duck, duck, goose. Whip up some cuties in a variety of colors to make cozy little duck snugglers.

crochet moose snuggler
Moose Snuggler by The Cosy Stitch

One more little snuggler that you will love! This moose would go great with a woodland themed bedroom or for a forest lover.


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