Monday, August 7, 2023

25+ Crochet Cat Patterns (Fun Amigurumi Kitty Patterns)

Enjoy these cute crochet cat patterns that we NEED to share with you. You are about to enter cuteness overload with these crochet patterns.


Calling all crochet and cat lovers. We've found the best patterns to make your own crocheted kittens and cats. They make great toys, gifts, d├ęcor pieces, and even cat toys.

You'll find lots of cat themed amigurumi patterns. What is amigurumi? It's the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed toys, including animals and dolls.

It's a fun craft because it generally uses basic crocheting skills so it's great for beginners.

Once you've made a few cat projects, check out these other adorable animals to crochet.

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crochet cat patterns
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New to crocheting pieces like cats? Start with a free crochet cat pattern to practice and improve your crochet skills. 

These cat amigurumi patterns are so cute, you'll want to make them all! You might as well, since they're all free patterns.

egg cat
Egg Cat by Lille Liis

Using an egg shape with this free pattern, makes it really simple to use your crochet hook to create a cutie. Add in stripes for more variation or keep it a solid color.

pastel pusheen cat
Pastel Pusheen Cat by Paint It Colorful

This cute free crochet pattern makes round little kitties. Use them to place around your home, or attach them to a keychain to make a fun bag charm.

stripey cat crochet pattern
Stripey Cat by Solid and Marl for Red Ted Art

A round fat cute cat makes a fun crochet pattern. Add in cute details like beads for eyes and a nose. 

tiny cat
Tiny Cat by Tiny Curl

The eyes and face on this little cat that are stitched on gives him the cutest facial expression. And look how tiny he is!

hanna the cat
Hanna the Cat by Akamatra

This little cuties is a free amigurumi pattern. This pattern combines the stitched on whiskers with the beaded eyes. 

amigurumi cat keychain
Amigurumi Cat Keychain by Blondie Amigurumis

Take this little furry friend with you everywhere. This cat crochet pattern is small enough to be put on a key ring and taken around with your on your keys or bag. 

cecil the cat
Cecil the Cat by Yarn Society

This little guy is adorable! I'm going to have to give this amigurumi cat pattern a try. He is complete with a collar, eyes, whiskers, and a nose.



A lot of work goes into these fun patterns. Let's recognize that time and effort that goes into creating these patterns and support these small business owners.

easy sleepy cat crochet pattern
Easy Sleepy Cat by Firefly Crochet

This tabby cat is taking a cat nap and sleeping the day away. Perfect for leaving him in any flat space to decorate and enjoy. Such a cute patterns.

crochet calico cat
Crochet Calico Cat by Firefly Crochet

This calico cat is a lovely pattern that could sit on a desk or window sill. This project uses a variety of colors to make adorable spots.

crochet kitten tutorial
Crochet Kitten Tutorial by Toy Story Patterns AU

I think it is the eyes that make this the cute amigurumi crochet cat pattern, but then again maybe it is the paws. Plus using the softer yarn make this little guy extra cuddly.

cat bag charm
Cat Bag Charm or Keychain Crochet Pattern by Hainchan

Another easy pattern that is different for a bag charm or keychain. Show off your love of cats everywhere you go by putting this cute little cat on your backpack or purse. It's also a the perfect gift for a cat-loving friend.

marshmallow kitty
Marshmallow Kitty by TIM Magic Ring

Enjoy a lazy fat cat project. This round cat pattern is simple without having to many extra appendages to add on.

easy amigurumi crochet cat pattern
Easy Amigurumi Crochet Cat by Dream and Crochet by RL 

Want more easy crochet patterns?? Use soft thicker yarn for a soft and plush crochet cat. This adorable kitten pattern stitches up quickly.

little white kitty pattern
Little White Kitty Pattern by Little Hand Crochet

Adding a ruffle to the neck makes a beautiful cat. This cat might look difficult, but it is actually a pretty easy pattern to follow.    

kitty bundle crochet patterns
Kitty Bundle by Ami Amore

Enjoy a variety of adorable crochet cats! This pattern bundle give you four different ways crochet a cat.

crochet cat in a basket
Crochet Cat in a Basket by Crochet Funny Friends

Don't stop at just a cat, why not add in some accessories. Crochet a basket, bottle, blanket, hat, diaper, and even a pillow.

crochet cat in a hoodie
Crochet Cat in a Hoodie by Tyra's Crochet

How about adding a little hood to your cat project. Adorable and you can make a whole family with their own colorful hoods. 

crochet cat pattern
Crochet Cat Pattern by Aterg Crochet

Pointy ears and lots of bold colors set these cats apart. And they look so happy with the smiling eyes and mouth. 

my little luna cat pattern
My Little Luna by TIM Magic Ring

One last kitty pattern to melt your heart. Tiny and so cute! This one is a perfect companion or toy for a little one.


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collage of crochet catscollage of crochet cats

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