Thursday, November 6, 2014

Easy DIY Painted Canvas Bags

Painted Lego Canvas Bag
Personalize plain old canvas bags with paint. They are simple to make and the possibilities are endless. They are perfect gifts for siblings, teachers, grandparents or friends.

Easy DIY Painted Canvas Bags

 As I've mentioned before, we are making more gifts for Christmas this year. I told my kids that they would be making each other gifts this year. They all seemed pretty excited about it. I have a few ideas for them and the first three Saturdays in November, I will be helping them make their gifts. My little one who's still home with me will be working on hers while the kids are at school.  As they finish their gifts I'll share them so you can get some ideas of things your kids can make.

 My 7 year old had a blast making these bags for her siblings. I picked up some large canvas bags from the craft store. Then we looked through my paint stash. I opted to use regular craft paint, but fabric paint would probably be more durable. We plan on using the bags as library bags and I don't plan on washing them often, if at all.

Flower Handprint Canvas BagWe started with the flower handprint bag. I found the idea from paint cut paste via pinterest. I think this was my daughters favorite to make, since it was "hands on".

Then we made the lego head bag for my son. I drew a simple lego head right onto the bag with a pencil. I helped her paint along the edges and then she filled it in with paint. Using the end of the foam paint brush, she made dots for the eyes. Then she painted on a mouth and the lettering.
DIY Painted Heart Canvas Bag

The last one we made was the striped heart. Again I drew a simple heart and then we painted the stripes. I helped to outline each stripe with paint and then she filled it in.

Easy DIY Painted Canvas Bags

Do your kids make gifts for each other? What kind of things do they make?

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