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45+ Crochet Halloween Patterns and Projects

Whip up your own décor and more with these crochet Halloween patterns and projects. From garlands to treat bags to pumpkins, there is sure to be a Halloween pattern that will catch your eye.


Get in the spooky season mood with one of these Halloween amigurumi patterns and more. We have found over 45 patterns that focus around Halloween.

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collage of Halloween crochet projects
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There are a variety of free crochet patterns for Halloween. They are perfect for fall crafting, will help you decorate, and enjoy your crocheting hobby.

kitty bean crochet pattern
Kitty Bean by K Hook Creations

Crochet up some black cats (and orange if you like) and use them for a garland. Decorate your mantel or home with these simple kitties.

bat garland crochet pattern
Bat Garland by Golden Lucy Crafts

Or if you prefer a different Halloween animal, this free pattern might be a better option. Mix in other Halloween colors for the bats to give the garland some variety.

candy corn bunting crochet pattern
Candy Corn Bunting by 5 Little Monsters

This crochet Halloween bunting pattern could be displayed throughout the entire fall season with the classic candy corn theme. The yellow, orange, and white are a lighter look to Halloween if you prefer that.

halloween basket crochet pattern
Halloween Basket by 5 Little Monsters

Fill this basket with sweet treats for trick or treaters. It doubles as décor, so you can leave it out all October long. It's an easy crochet pattern that's perfect for all skill levels.
crochet caldrun
Crocheted Cauldron by 5 Little Monsters

Decorate for a Halloween party with a crocheted cauldron. This project would also be great for decorating throughout the Halloween season.

plaid pumpkin crochet pattern
Plaid Pumpkin by Crochet 365 and Knit Too

Plaid is so cute, and so are pumpkins. Why not combine the two for the perfect pumpkin!

bobble stitch pumpkins
Bobble Stitch Pumpkins by 5 Little Monsters

Put your crochet skills to work with a pumpkin that has lots of texture! Add even more variety by using different colors, or shades of yarn. These pumpkins will make cute Halloween decorations.

boo pumpkins crochet pattern
Boo Pumpkins by The Turtle Trunk

Another great idea for crochet pumpkin patterns. This pattern gives you patterns for each letter of the alphabet. Spell out different words like, "Boo," "Spooky," or your last name. 

crochet rectangle pumpkins
Crochet Rectangle Pumpkins by Make and Do Crew

This easy crochet project will make pumpkins so easy! All you have to do to make these tiny pumpkins is to start with a crochet rectangle and then follow the tutorial for the easiest pumpkins. 

pumpkin bear crochet pattern
Pumpkin Bear by 5 Little Monsters

This fun crochet project adds an extra level of adorableness to a pumpkin by adding a teddy bear. The pumpkin top is super sweet with the curly vine.

little ghost crochet pattern
Little Ghost by Stitch by Fay

This might be one the best free Halloween crochet patterns. This DIY mini ghost is itty bitty and has a pumpkin hat. 

crochet candy corn
Crochet Candy Corn by Crochet 365 and Knit Too

Free candy corn crochet pattern that will even leave a smile on your face with the addition of the eyes and smile. But feel free to leave those off too.

viktor the vampire crochet pattern
Viktor the Vampire by Chai Coffee Repeat

Add in some cute crocheted dolls to your Halloween décor. I can't believe how lovely this little vampire is.

mini crochet witch pattern
Mini Crochet Witch by Chai Coffee Repeat

Pair the vampire with this free Halloween pattern for a little witch. Crochet her skirt in purple, green, orange, or switch up hair colors too.

frankenstein dish scrubber
Frankenstein Dish Scrubber by A Crocheted Simplicity

Keep your dishes clean this spooky season with a scrubber project. Frankenstein's monster never looks so adorable or so helpful.

crochet monsters pattern
Crochet Monsters by Chai Coffee Crochet

Crochet up a bunch of little monsters. Customize them with colors and different eyes, mouths, and other appendages.

crochet pumpkin hat pattern
Crochet Pumpkin Hat Pattern by Make and Do Crew

A beanie makes for an easy crochet project. Make this fall hat for all ages, and keep warm while wearing it. It would be the perfect accessory for a trip to the pumpkin patch.   


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In this section I am featuring fun Halloween crochet patterns patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating crochet patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Halloween granny squares crochet pattern
Halloween Granny Squares by Raffamusa Designs

Take granny squares to an advanced beginner level by adding in Halloween motifs. These could be crocheted together to make a quilt, or rag, potholder, or a variety of other things.

witch pot holder
Witch Pot Holder by The Crafter Life

I love when creative crochet patterns are useful too. This potholder will help you decorate for Halloween while protecting surfaces from warm dishes.

Halloween amigurumi crochet patterns
Halloween Bundle by Hippiegurumi Crochet

Halloween themed dolls from Jack and Sally to Frankenstein. These could be used as toys, stuffed animals, or décor. 

Halloween gnomes crochet patterns
Halloween Gnomes by Anna Nas Toys

Have you jumped on the gnome décor train? They make such cute Halloween decorations and there are a variety of styles in this pattern bundle.

Halloween treat bags crochet project
Halloween Treat Bags by Sigoni Macaroni

No treat bags? No problem use these easy Halloween crochet patterns for treat bags. I love that there are different styles so you can make your favorite one.

crochet grim reaper
Grim Reaper by Mommy's Bunny Crafts

Enjoy some spooky fun while crocheting. Add a small stick to complete the spooky effect of this pattern.

Halloween eye flower pattern
Halloween Eye Flower by Mrs. Crowlet

Give your Halloween decorations some personality! This flower eye turns out amazing from the details on the eye to the petals and the pot.

bat dish crochet pattern
Bat Dish by Laineree Creations

Whip up this quick pattern that has a batty theme. It will clean up but be spooky too. Great for gift giving too!

poison apple crochet pattern
Poison Apple by Fayni Toys

Use up your scrap yarn to make poison apples. They look great in a variety of colors. Hang them as ornaments, or set around your home.

slouchy witch hat crochet pattern
Slouchy Witch Hat by The Entangled Fae

The Halloween season isn't complete without a witch hat. Now you can make your own custom witch hat for your Halloween costume. Add in stripes of color or keep it all black.

witchy sisters pattern
Witchy Sisters Pattern by The Crochet Queen Shop

Are you a fan of Hocus Pocus? This pattern will help you make the Sanderson Sister into dolls.  I'd crochet them while watching the classic movie for a fun time.

crochet skulls mosaic blanket
Skulls Mosaic Blanket by Sixel Home

This pattern makes a great decoration that will keep you warm while watching scary movies. Hang it over your couch when you aren't using it for some spooky home décor.

crochet batty mosaic blanket
Batty Mosaic by Sixel Home

Use classic Halloween colors and this bat mosaic pattern to make all types of Halloween projects. Make pillow, throws, and more.

jack-o-lantern crochet bag
Jack O'Lantern Bag by Zot Crochet

Celebrate this fun holiday with a pumpkin themed treat bag. As with all other Jack O'Lanterns make your own face to add to the bag front. 

crochet skull shawl
Skull Shawl by Etty 2504

This fun Halloween crochet project is perfect to wear! The skulls look amazing and when you aren't wearing it hang it up around your home.

trick or treat crochet blanket
Trick or Treat Blanket by Gleefully Crocheting

A blanket, but it is a festive Halloween crochet project too. Look at these words and motifs that make up a lovely blanket that can be displayed or used. It's a simple design, but those popcorn stitches really make it pop!

halloween plants crochet patterns
Halloween Plants by Mrs. Crowlet

Do you have a black thumb? Make these crocheted plants for Halloween décor. Succulents, flowers, and cute pots all come in this pattern bundle.

witch feet crochet pillow
Witch Feet Pillow by Recollection Crochet

Throw pillows are a simple way to decorate. Crochet this pattern and then put it all over your home for a spooky theme.

crochet halloween wreath
Halloween Wreath by RNata

Doors aren't complete for Halloween without a wreath. This one is made of crochet objects. Mix and match your favorites pieces to make a look that is all your own.

crochet spider web bunting
Spider Web Bunting by Vintage Pattern Faves

Put up the cob webs in a lovely bunting. It looks pretty in black against white backdrops, but if you have a darker place to hang it white would be a good choice too!



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