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35+ Crochet Rug Patterns (The BEST DIY Rugs)

Warm up your floor with the best crochet rug patterns. We have so many different variations to try you are sure to find the perfect one for your home.


Did you know you can do so many things with a crochet hook to dress up your floor? We have the best crochet rug patterns to try.

Check out the variety of different rugs we have from bath to kitchen and everywhere in between.

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collage of crocheted rugs
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Free patterns are a great way to try out your hand at crochet rug making. Take a look at these techniques and tutorials.

Crochet Round Rug
Crochet Round Rug by Joy of Motion Crochet

This free pattern for a round rug is so fun with the different colorful stripes. Customize it with your shades of preference.

Crochet Jute Doormat Pattern
Crochet Jute Doormat Pattern by Dream a Little Bigger

This crochet pattern is perfect for a front or back door. The jute materials will help it stand up to more wear and tear.

Crochet Rug out of old T-Shirts
Crochet Rug out of old T-Shirts by 1 Dog Woof

The awesome thing about this easy crochet rug pattern is that they yarn is t-shirt yarn. Upcycle shirts you no longer use anymore for comfy rugs.

Crochet Rag Rug Tutorial
Crochet Rag Rug Tutorial by Sugar Bee Crafts

Or if you don't have old t-shirts, use old sheets or other fabric remnants. This tutorial will show you how to make a rag rug that is crocheted. Another great way to repurpose old items you may no longer use.
Faux Sheepskin Crochet Rug
Faux Sheepskin Crochet Rug by 1 Dog Woof

I am amazed a crochet hook made this soft squishy rug that looks like a sheepskin. Get the high quality luxurious look with your crocheting.

Fancy Arabesque Rug
Fancy Arabesque Rug by Magic Carpet Studio

Rugs can also be super fancy. This pattern shows how to create an intricate arabesque design in a round rug.

Crochet Round Rug
Crochet Round Rug by Handy Little Me

Or for a more simple round rug, try this pattern. It would be great for a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

Elio Rug Pattern
Elio Rug Pattern by Meghan Makes Do

This pretty rug will welcome guests at your front door with a bit of sunshine. I love the half circle design on this one.

Sensory Circle Rug
Sensory Circle Rug by Magic Carpet Studio

Circles, don't have to be boring you can add a bit of a different design with this pattern. This one is called a sensory rug because the balls in the rug work as great feet massagers.

Striped Hourglass Rug
Striped Hourglass Rug by Moogly

You can have a contemporary design, yet colorful rug. This one works with colors and a grey color to weave a pretty hourglass design.

Diamond Lattice Rug
Diamond Lattice Rug by Lee Lee Knits

Go for a neutral modern look with this diamond rug pattern. Or switch it up for colors if you don't want a neutral rug.



In this section I am featuring crocheted rug patterns to buy. Pattern makers devote a lot of time and effort to make great patterns. Let's show some support!

Julian Plus Crochet Rug
Julian Plus Crochet Rug by Ruby Webbs

Another modern crochet rug full of design with the squares and plus signs. I like the grey and white, but black and white would be stunning as well as brown and white.

Modern Farmhouse Style Rug by The Cozy Knot Crochet

This simple pattern produces a beautiful crochet rug with a nice detailed edge on each side. Keep it white to stay with the modern farmhouse style.

Woven Bath Mat
Woven Bath Mat by Darling Jadore

Get out of the shower or bath and step onto a comfy woven crocheted rug bath mat. The design is perfect for bathrooms.

Floral Crochet Mat
Floral Crochet Mat by Floornament

This is such a beautiful pattern for a floral inspired rug. I can see this one in a little girl nursery or in a fancy living room.

The Cable Stitch Oval Rug
The Cable Stitch Oval Rug by Crochet Tiffany Hansen

Pair chunky yarn with a cable stitch to make a thick and cozy rug. Feel free to stick with three different colors or switch it up by sticking with one solid color.

Round Scalloped Edge Rug
Round Scalloped Edge Rug by Pulcino Handmade LV 

I love the edge on this one. Great projects like this one are perfect for gifting to others or yourself.

Round Spiral Crochet Rug
Round Spiral Crochet Rug by Ozinshe

Natural jute colored yarn or twine will produce a heavy duty rug. Add in another color and a spiral design for a project that pops.

Geometric Diamond Rub
Geometric Diamond Rub by The Cozy Knot Crochet

Why not make your favorite colors stand out on a rug. Use a neutral to make a varied colored yarn pop with a this geometric design.

Large Oval Rug
Large Oval Rug by Tanyas Digi Sell

Looking for a crochet project that will keep you busy? A larger project will keep you busy for a longer time and produce amazing results.

Bulky Yarn Crochet Rug
Bulky Yarn Crochet Rug by Vintage Pattern Faves

Another option for a beautiful rug with a different style of scalloped edging. Choosing a rich color will also add to the beauty.

Boho Crochet Rug
Boho Crochet Rug by Haekelgedoens

This is the perfect rug for a nursery or child's room. It has a bulky thick design that is great for their sensory play on the floor.

Emersen Diamond Rug
Emersen Diamond Rug by Lakeside Loops

Diamonds are so classic and show off a pretty design on a fairly neutral design. This adds texture and visual interest to a simple piece.

The Essential Cotton Oval Rug
The Essential Cotton Oval Rug by Brenna Ann Handmade

For another easy project this cotton oval rug is a great place to start. It is made out of simple stitches.

Vortex Spiral Tunisian Rug Pattern
Vortex Spiral Tunisian Rug Pattern by Hook Loop Sarah

I love this bright rug. The colors are so inspiring and create such a unique look with the spiral.

Flower Crochet Rug
Flower Crochet Rug by Karla's Making It

If you love texture, this is the perfect project. This rug looks like it has a bunch of flower petals that create a comfy place to stand or sit.

Lacemender by Tanayas Digi Sell

How pretty is this one? Crochet your own area rug to perfectly fit your space.

Round Intricate T-Shirt Rug Crochet Pattern
Round Intricate T-Shirt Rug Crochet Pattern by Tanayas Digi Sell

One last intricate design. This area rug is also crocheted out of t-shirts. It looks so fancy, It is hard to believe it was made out of old shirts.


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collage of crochet rug patternscollage of crochet rug patterns

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