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35+ Modern Quilt Patterns (The Best Contemporary Designs)

Today I am sharing some amazing modern quilt patterns to try. Take a look at these contemporary designs that will get your creativity buzzing.


Dive into a beautiful collection of modern quilt designs. We are sharing patterns and tutorials to help you create the quilts of your dreams.

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Modern quilts are the newer way to quilt.

When defining modern quilts you tend to see at least one of the following: asymmetrical designs, use of negative space, minimalism, high contrast, off centered motifs, and bold colors.

Over the last few decades these types of quilt patterns have become more and more popular. You can let your creativity go wild with modern quilts.

You can read more about what a modern quilt is at Sewing Machine Plus.


In this section I am featuring free patterns for modern quilting that you will love. Take a look and pick out your next modern quilt project.

Minimal Triangles
Minimal Triangles by Simple Simon & Company

This quilt pairs minimal triangles with the use of negative white space to create a simple quilt. This pattern could be used to make so many different patterns with the triangles.

Diagonal Stripe Quilt
Diagonal Stripe Quilt by Purl Soho

The minimalism in this one is so pretty. Adding in a bright stripe here and there shows off that high contrast of bold colors.

Coral Gingham Quilt Top
Coral Gingham Quilt Top by Cluck Cluck Sew

This simpler gingham quilt top is perfect for beginner quilters. I think the colors are what help set this one apart as a modern style.

Double Edge Modern Quilt Tutorial
Double Edge Modern Quilt Tutorial by Wren Collective featured on Diary of a Quilter

Solid fabric choices can have such a cool impact when paired with a stark white background. And don't miss the bright and unique edging.

Shoo Fly Quilt
Shoo Fly Quilt by Simple Simon and Company

This quilt allows you to see a lot of white space that makes the geometric shapes pop on this quilt pattern. Use colors and fabric choices to your advantage with this one.

Tiny Tile Quilt
Tiny Tile Quilt by Purl Soho

This is one of my favorite simple modern designs. This quilt can utilize half square triangles to make the tiny tiles. 

Fat Quarter Ombre Quilt
Fat Quarter Ombre Quilt by Suzy Quilts

The color choices on this one make it one of my favorite modern quilts. The color pattern using the ombre makes it look fantastic.

Modern Black and White Ombre Crib Quilt
Modern Black and White Ombre Crib Quilt by See Kate Sew

Another one of my favorite modern quilt patterns looks perfect as a baby blanket, but could be used as a throw. The white and black with a pop of color makes it so stunning.

Simple Hearts Quilt
Simple Hearts Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew

Another option for a throw or to decorate for Valentine's Day. These cute modern hearts would look great in a black and white too.

Chippewa Quilt
Chippewa Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew

Look at all of those bold colors. The bright colors look great against the white background for a pretty modern quilt.
Spring Picnic Quilt Pattern
Spring Picnic Quilt Pattern by It's Only Fabric and Thread

For any fan of modern quilt patterns, this pattern gives off a gorgeous modern vibe. It has lots of variety among the bright colors.

Effort and Ease
Effort and Ease by Sewn Handmade

Effort and ease definitely takes advantage of using negative space and off centered designs. This pattern utilizes simple geometric shapes.

Find Your Adventure Pattern
Find Your Adventure Pattern by Flamingo Toes

We saw some modern triangles before, but this pattern switches them around to make a pretty design. The arrows look like they are helping you pick your own modern quilt adventure. 


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In this section I am featuring modern quilt patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Homecoming by Lo and Behold Stitchery

I love looking at different modern quilt patterns, because there are so many gorgeous color combinations I haven't considered. This one is no different, the charcoal with the pinks is stunning and that pop of orange finishes it off.

Maypole by Suzy Quilts Patterns

This one features a similar color scheme, but instead of charcoal, it uses white. I love the different varying bright stripes.

Getaway Quilt Pattern
Getaway Quilt Pattern by Lo and Behold Stitchery

Bright and bold colors make gorgeous modern style quilts. They really show off the simplicity of the designs.

Shuttle Quilt Pattern
Shuttle Quilt Pattern by Glad Hand Sews Quilt

Mid-Century Modern styles have made a comeback recently, and this quilt captures that style. The colors and layout give this pattern that mid-century mod look.

Playroom Quilt Pattern
Playroom Quilt Pattern by Sewn Handmade TX

Modern quilting doesn't have to be all bright colors. Go for high contrast looks with black and white or other dark and light shades. More beautiful black and white quilt patterns to try.

Rocksteady by Suzy Quilts Patterns

This quilt pattern comes in a variety of sizes, so you can make it for any size of bed. From crib to King and everything in between this pattern makes a great quilt for a bed.

The Rows Quilt
The Rows Quilt by The Blanket Thief

Rows and dots help form this unique negative space diamond in the center of another lovely quilt design. The simplicity in this one makes it shine.

Hamtrack by Stitch in Camaro

Make use of negative space and abstract shape designs with this pattern. The shapes give a lot of visual interest. This one could be hung on a wall or thrown over the back of a couch.

Rainbow Modern Quilt Pattern
Rainbow Modern Quilt Pattern by Folkway Studio 

Color blocking makes for awesome quilts. The addition of the half circle in the middle makes this one so special. You can see the sunrise or set over an ocean.

Mod Display
Mod Display by Tamarinis

No rules with this modern design. It is also reminiscent of a mid-century modern quilt and design.

Dragonfly Quilt Pattern
Dragonfly Quilt Pattern by Modern Quilt Lab

This might be my favorite quilt design that features an abstract style. The curved and rounded designs make this one look really contemporary.

Broadcast Quilt
Broadcast Quilt by Brigit Gail

Abstract looks are so fun. I love the repetition in the design that isn't overbearing or as traditional. 

Repair Modern Quilt Pattern
Repair Modern Quilt Pattern by Eudaimonia Studio Shop

Bold, bright, and lovely. This one reminds me of a kaleidoscope. Look at all of the different shapes individually as well as collectively to enjoy this quilt layout.

Rhythms Quilt
Rhythms by Wellspring Designs Co. 

Black and white stripes are one of my favorite things. Make your own with this pattern and match it with lovely earthy tones.

Adobe Quilt Pattern
Adobe Quilt Pattern by Well Spring Designs Co.

Want to start with an easy modern quilt pattern? This one uses mainly straight edges, with a few rounded areas.

Golden Canyon Quilt
Golden Canyon XOX Sew Studio

Three different sizes on this gorgeous canyon quilt.  The colors give this one the perfect hues for a sunset in the canyon, or change up the feeling with different colors.

Mid Century Modern Quilt Pattern
Mid Century Modern Quilt Pattern by Glad Hand Sews Quilts

I can't decide which Mid-Century look I like best shared in this post. This one kind of incorporates elements from the other mid-century mod patterns shared before. This one adds in the cross design for extra visual interest.

Birding by Prairie Quilt Co.

One last pattern to share that is full of bright and bold colors. These colors show off the lovely design of this quilt pattern.


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collage of modern quilt patternscollage of contemporary quilt patterns

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