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35+ Modern Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby quilts are a fun project to make for a new addition.

Try one of these modern baby quilt patterns for a more updated look to your quilting.


Take a peek at this variety of baby quilt patterns.

Many of these modern style patterns could work for either gender or as a gender neutral option.

Have fun with these lovely quilt options.

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collage of modern baby quilts
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This first section features modern quilt patterns for babies that are free! Take a gander at these pretty quilt patterns and tutorials.

Ombre Squares Quilt Pattern
Ombre Squares Quilt Pattern by Taylormade Creates

Starting off with this easy baby quilt pattern. Squares are a simple way to make a quilt top, but make it more complex by adding in the ombre. 

Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt
Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt by Auntie Em's Crafts

Or use the half square triangle method to make this simple baby quilt pattern. Utilize a layer cake or fat quarters for the colorful parts of the quilt.

Big Love Quilt
Big Love Quilt by Modern Handcraft

This makes for a beautiful modern baby quilt. A new baby is loved and a heart quilt will show the love as an outward expression.

Baby Coin Quilt
Baby Coin Quilt by Simple Simon and Co.

This tutorial and design is simple enough to construct. Having the one offset row of colorful fabrics on a white quilt top really makes for a modern pop.

Modern Ombre Quilt
Modern Ombre Quilt by Coral and Co.

How sweet is this little bunny. Easy free baby quilt patterns like this one featuring stripes are a win.

Rainbow Gems
Rainbow Gems by Quilty Love

Rainbow hearts shine in this free modern baby quilt pattern. I love the rainbow rows and how sweet this one would be as a gift for a rainbow baby.

Peanut Butter Quilt
Peanut Butter Quilt by Then Came June

Another super fun quilt idea. I love the modern color scheme and design layout of this quilt. 

Happy Stripes
Happy Stripes by Quilty Love

This free pattern features a fun twist on stripes. They almost look like happy little books on a shelf. 

Ombre Hexies
Ombre Hexies by Quilty Love

Fat quarters will shine with this pattern. Create an ombre of hexagons in a row. They even show off some chevron style stripes in between.

Underlined Quilt
Underlined Quilt by Designed to Quilt

This color scheme and the perfect pattern is awesome for boys. Although switch up the colors to make it for a baby girl. 

Rainbow Remix
Rainbow Remix by Woodbury Way

I am amazed at how color can take a simple design and turn it into an amazing colorful pattern. More rainbow style quilts are perfect for babies. They will add a bright touch of color to a baby's nursery.

When Skies are Gray
When Skies are Gray by Simple Simon and Co.

You can't go wrong with this free quilt pattern. Stripes that are thick and bold are a great modern design.


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In this section I am featuring modern baby quilt patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!  From little boys to baby girl quilts, there are a lot of great options for patterns in this section.

Triangle Jitters
Triangle Jitters by Suzy Quilt Patterns

Modern quilt patterns tend to be quite simple but feature bold large abstract shapes like this simple quilt pattern. Adding in the colors also adds to the abstract nature of this pattern.

Dessert Quilt
Dessert Quilt by Wellsprings Designs Co.

A handmade baby quilt like this one is a great gift. Feel free to compliment a simple quilt top with a fun pattern on the back.

Piece and Love
Piece and Love by Hartland Quilt Shop

Use bright colors to piece together a heart shape mixed with solid large stripes. There are so many ways this heart could be made from an ombre as shown to a solid or monochromatic style.

Northern Sky Quilt
Northern Sky Quilt by Side Lake Stitch

I love the abstract feeling to this quilt. Stripes with the diamonds look great in muted colors as seen here, but pastels or bright colors would be great with this pattern too.

Pine Sky Modern Quilt
Pine Sky Modern Quilt by Side Lake Stitch

This pattern has a bit of an optical illusion that creates an eight point star with the negative space. But I'm more drawn to the diamond like shapes created with the darker fabric.

Converge Quilt Pattern
Converge Quilt Pattern by Side Lake Stitch

Grab a cute layer cake of different colors to make this huge diamond with diamonds within pattern. This reminds me of one of those pictures that asks how many triangles can you see, but it really makes for a visually interesting baby blanket.

Perfect Placement
Perfect Placement by Sewn Handmade TX

Although this seems like a simple patchwork quilt, the variation between the quilt blocks makes it unique. I love the difference between the blue and green squares.

Broken Arches
Broken Arches by Folkway Studio

Get a bit of a southwestern design with this adorable quilt. The colors and shapes lend this one to an abstract mountain style quilt.

Leaded Light
Leaded Light by Sewn Handmade TX

Modern quilts have lovely details like the ones featured in this unique design. I think this one is neat how it features small stripes in different directions.

Rooflines Quilt Pattern
Rooflines Quilt Pattern by Sewn Handmade TX

Look at these adorable kite style shapes. The color choices are really modern and would be fun to gift to a new baby. 

Natural Harmony
Natural Harmony by Sewn Handmade TX

If you want a pattern that features a motif from a natural element, try this one. It looks like a plant symbol with two leaves.

Adventureland Quilt
Adventureland Quilt by Suzy Quilt Patterns

Here we see another rainbow style quilt in a different interpretation. Stripes really shine in this pattern placement.

Modern Fans
Modern Fans by Suzy Quilts

Gift handmade quilts to a friend who is expecting with this gorgeous fan style pattern. The black and white with a pop of color are another color scheme that lends itself well to modern quilts.

Mod Mountains
Mod Mountains by Suzy Quilt Patterns

A white background really sets apart this mountain style pattern. Perfect for a baby boy quilt, but in the right colors it would be great for either gender.

Snuggles Baby Quilt
Snuggles Baby Quilt by Mod Cottons

A jelly roll would work perfect for this quilt pattern. And another cute way to quilt a heart.

Over the Rainbow
Over the Rainbow by Corinne Sovey Patterns

You know I love the rainbows, and this quilt top delivers. Quilt a sun, cloud, and rainbow for a gorgeous crib quilt.

Snowball Baby Quilt
Snowball Baby Quilt by Lindsay Sews

Lastly, use up charm packs to make this simple baby quilt. Bright colors look great with the snowball style pattern.


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collage of modern baby quiltscollage of modern baby quilt patterns

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