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10+ T-Shirt Quilt Patterns and Tutorials

A t-shirt quilt (or memory quilt) is a quilt made of old t-shirts that have special meaning. The end result will bring back memories of sports played, events attended and enjoyed activities. It should reflect the personality of the recipient. 

I have a son graduating from high school next week. Have I made him a t-shirt quilt? Nope. I'll be honest, T-shirt quilts intimidate me a little bit.

So I decided to start by researching. I  found several in depth tutorials on a few different ways to make them. I also found patterns to buy that take the guess work out of t-shirt quilts.



T-shirt quilts are a great way to show your love to family members at milestones in their lives. Graduation, weddings, anniversaries or birthdays are all occasions where a memory quilt would be appreciated.

T-shirt quilts also have a practical value. Sometimes we don't want to throw away a cherished t-shirt once it becomes too small or worn. Adding it to a memory quilt makes it useful again. 

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collage of tshirt quilts
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Before we get to the patterns and tutorials, let's talk about a few things needed for t-shirt quilts. 

Old T-shirts

These should be favorite t-shirts or old tees that have a special significance. When the recipient looks at the finished quilt, he or she should be flooded with cherished memories. So start saving those special t-shirts. Don't forget polo shirts - you can even use those small logos if you desire.

Fusible Interfacing

Fusible interfacing is essential when making t-shirt quilts. Have you ever cut off the end of a too-long t-shirt? It always starts rolling up, right? That quality about knit fabric t-shirts makes them hard to sew and keep square. 

The solution is to stabilize the shirt by applying fusible interfacing. 

So what is the best interfacing for a t-shirt quilt? 

There are SO many options when it comes to interfacing. 

The first thing you want to look for is a fusible interfacing so you can iron it right on the back of the t-shirt graphic.

The second thing you should look for is a light to medium weight. We don't want the blanket to be stiff and uncomfortable so avoid heavy weight interfacing.

Below are a few options that the featured t-shirt quilters have used and recommend: 

Rotary Cutter, Mat and Rulers

Although it is easier to deconstruct the t-shirts along the seams with a pair of scissors, a rotary cutter and mat are the best way to be precise when cutting out the t-shirt squares.

Square rulers are so helpful to cut out those t-shirt designs in perfect square blocks.


    Let's get started with the free t-shirt quilt designs. There are many types of t-shirt quilts and I've tried to highlight several different methods and looks.
memory t-shirt quilt
Memory T-Shirt Quilt by JMB Handmade
Joan walks you through each step to make a memory quilt. She includes a lot of pictures so you know exactly what you are supposed to do. 

A T-shirt quilt like this one where all the t-shirt blocks are the same size makes it very easy for beginners.

 She also shares how to make a memory pillow and a memory teddy bear pillow. They have such sentimental value and make great gifts.

t-shirt quilt
How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt by Tatertots and Jello

Make a t-shirt quilt with sashing strips with this tutorial. Find out how many shirts you need for different sizes of quilts. Jen shares lots of tips on creating the perfect memory quilt.

tshirt quilt
How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt by Bobbin in Quilts
If you like a more random look, try this quilt. The columns are all the same width, but each tshirt is a different height. This is the easiest way to achieve a random look without lots of calculating.

Becky shares tips what interfacing to use, cutting out the tshirts and quilting the blanket. 



Purchasing a pattern to make your t-shirt quilt may be ideal if you don't want to do any figuring and calculating. The patterns below take the guesswork out of memory quilts. They are all instant PDF downloads so you can get started right away. 

Take a look at some of my favorite patterns for t-shirt quilts.
tshirt quilt
Favorite T-Shirt Quilt Pattern by Maple Cottage Designs

I love how the t-shirts are framed in this beautiful t-shirt quilt. It is available in three sizes: Twin, full and queen sized quilts.

3d memory quilt
3D Memory Quilt Pattern by Quilts Plus Love
The 3D effect of this quilt is really cool. Tara has a lot of experience making memory quilts and she shares all the details in her patterns. Check out her gallery frames t-shirt quilt as well.

Maybe you'd just rather pay someone to make the quilt for you. If so, Tara offers that as well on her website Quilts + Love.

tshirt quilt with black sashing
T-Shirt Quilt Ebook by Quilts by Kandy
Here's another memory quilt that uses sashing and cornerstone blocks to add interest. This ebook has clear directions so you can duplicate this t-shirt quilt at home. Questions? She offers email support with every pattern purchased.

chevron tshirt quilt
Chevron T-Shirt Quilt Pattern by YaYa Quilts and More
This quilt is ideal for someone who loves piecing quilts. The addition of chevron blocks add interest motion to the quilt.



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