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30+ Hexagon Quilt Patterns to Make

Hexagon quilts are a beautiful way to make a variety of patterns and styles with one fun shape in your quilts. 

From simple to complex take on a new quilt project with over 30 hexagon quilt patterns to choose from.


Hexagons quilt patterns are so versatile. 

If you want a more modern look to your quilt, we have lots of great choices for a pattern. Or go more traditional with flower garden design. 

Either way you choose, there are lots of great options for free quilt patterns and some pretty awesome ones to buy too.

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Ready to get your hands on a hexagon quilt pattern? We have a few free ones you can grab and get to work on immediately. 

Check out these free hexagon quilt patterns designed all around this beautiful geometric shape.
Large Hexagon Quilt Pattern
Large Hexagon Quilt Pattern by Polkadot Chair

Large scale hexagons really give this quilt a whimsical design by using a variety of patterned fabrics. This one is great for an easier pattern that will go more quickly due to the large hexagons.

Garfunkel hexagon quilt
Garfunkel Block by 627 Handworks

Use hexagons to make these awesome garfunkel hexagon quilt blocks. Piece together the quilt blocks for a gorgeous quilt top using a variety of colors and patterns on your fabric to create this stunning design.

giant hexie flower quilt
Giant Hexie Flower Quilt by Red Handled Scissors

This giant flower quilt is so fun. It works great for a lap quilt or accent blanket. Plus, with the larger hexagons this quilt comes together really quickly and easily.

flower hexagon quilt
Flower Hexagon Quilt Tutorial by Sew Fresh Quilts

Flowers are created so easily when using the hexagon shape. This pattern shows how to bring together flowers of different colors all in one quilt.

half hexies quilt
Half Hexies Quilt Tutorial by A Bright Corner

Ready for different take on hexagons? Try using half hexies with this free pattern for a completely hexagon quilt top.

half hexies quilt pattern
Half Hexies Quilt Pattern by Cloud9 Fabrics

Take half hexies and use them to create flowers with this free pattern. We love that there are so many options to create similar looks, and that you can choose the one that works best for you. 
heart hexagons with crochet quilt
Heart Hexagons with Crochet Quilt by Quilt Jane

The marriage of two crafting techniques come together with this heart hexagon and crochet quilt. This one is a unique design, and we love the hearts within the hexagons. So cute.

boho hexagon shape quilt
Boho Hexagon Shape Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting for Moda

          If you really really love hexagons, this pattern is for you. The boho design features hexagons within hexagons and triangles around the hexagons for a beautiful quilt design.



In this section I am featuring hexagon quilt patterns that you can purchase. 

A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. Show your support of these talented small business owners and awesome pattern creators.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy for details.

fresh fruit hexagon quilt
Fresh Fruit Hexagon Quilt by Krista Mosher Quilts

This bright and fun quilt shows off hexagons and half hexagons to look like different fruits! I can't even believe how adorable this one is, especially the grapes!

modern large hexagon quilt
Modern Large Hexagon Quilt Pattern by Krista Mosher Quilts

Go big or go home, right? This modern quilt feature large hexagon shapes in a gorgeous honeycomb style.  This one looks great in these muted colors, but would also be fun in bright colors.

Lug Nuts quilt pattern
Lug Nuts Quilt Pattern by Highway 10 Designs

For a different variation on large hexagons, try this pattern. It is really cool how the hexagons on the side edges are not straight. A very unique look.

sweet to the soul quilt
Sweet to the Soul Quilt by Jillily Studios

This honeycomb hexie pattern is really so sweet. From the bees to the border, I can't help but smile when I look at this quilt design.

quilt as you go hexagon pattern
Quilt-as-you-go Hexagon Pattern by Tikki London

Another unique variation on the hexagon quilt. Quilt as you go and make each individual hexagon and then attach them together however you like. We've seen flowers made of hexagons, but this one turns each hexagon into a flower, so pretty.

bohippian quilt pattern beginner
Bohippian Quilt Pattern Beginner English Paper Piecing Pattern by Southern Charm Quilts

If you are ready to try your hand at English paper piecing, this is a great pattern to start with. Plus, look at all those hexagons! Aren't they beautiful?

hexagon gondor quilt pattern
Hexagon Gondor Quilt Pattern by Spring Daisy Stitchery

Hexagons and triangles were made to be friends, and you can see why with this hexie quilt pattern. Putting them together in rows creates this lovely look.

hexagonia paper pieced quilt pattern
Hexagonia Paper Pieced Quilt Block Pattern by Piece by Number Quilts

If you are more of a quilt block quilter, this hexagonia block pattern is stunning and unique. It is definitely a little more advanced, but so worth the effort to get this look.

modern hexagon quilt pattern
Modern Hexagon Quilt Pattern by Stitch and Yarn Store

The colors and design of this unique quilt have me swooning. I especially like how it feels like some of the hexagons are floating down into the rest of the hexagon pattern. 

triangle hexagon quilt pattern
Triangle Hexagon Quilt by Quilty Love

Again another example of why triangles and hexagons are the best of friends. They come together to create dimension within each hexagon while still being outlined by a large hexagon in this gorgeous pattern.

jelly garden quilt
Jelly Garden Quilt by April Zimmer

This double flower look really does give off all the grandma's flower garden vibes, and we can't get enough of it. Lining the first flower with more hexagons really helps the flowers to stand out.

floating hexagon quilt pattern
Floating Hexagon Quilt Pattern by Daisy and Bert

I love the idea of these hexagons floating on this quilt. Use this pattern to create the look of hexagons floating and joining together without it looking too symmetrical.

floating lilies pattern
Floating Lilies Pattern by Sew Motion UK

Or for a more symmetrical look, try this floating hexie pattern. Another great option if you you are wanting that even clean look.

rag hexagon quilt pattern
Rag Hexagon Quilt Pattern by Rag Quilt Patterns

Hexagons even look great in a rag quilt. An easy quilt idea for beginners and has a comfy cozy feel when using flannel or minky.

hexagon spectrum quilt pattern
Hexagon Spectrum Quilt Pattern by Spring Daisy Stitchery

There is just something about geometric shapes in a rainbow pattern. This quilt is a show stopper that features hexagons, triangles, and squares in a unique rainbow.

hexagonal dream pattern
Hexagonal Dream Pattern by Sewn Up Patterns

Look at all of these different ways to change up the hexagon shapes. They really do come together like a dream in this pattern.

Oh Honey Beginner English Paper Piecing pattern
Oh Honey Beginner English Paper Piecing Pattern by Southern Charm Quilts

Use hexagons to create a gorgeous star design using English paper piecing. Hexagons are the center of this quilt, but other shapes add in a great variety to the design.

hexagon love quilt pattern
Hexagon Love Quilt Pattern by Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic

And another one for our asymmetry lovers. This quilt pattern features a larger hexagon design and shows how pretty asymmetry can be.



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