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60+ Best Gifts for Quilters (Fun & Useful Ideas)

Need gift ideas for a quilter?

I've got a big list of the best gifts for quilters including inexpensive gift ideas, and gifts for the quilter who has everything. 

I hope you enjoy this list of gift ideas. You'll find something all your quilting friends or family members from beginners to avid quilters. 


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In making this article, I used my own journey into quilting as a guide. I thought about what I have needed and wanted as I have learned to quilt.

I also asked my mom, who has quilted for umpteen years for ideas. 

Pin these useful gifts for the upcoming holiday season or your favorite quilters birthday.

They also would make a great Mother's Day gift. 

If you have friends who love to cross stitch, check out this: 35+ gifts for cross stitchers.

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If you need a small gift and don't want to spend a ton, this category is for you. 

Pins and Pin Cushions

Pins and pin cushions are always needed by quilters.

My top picks from this category would have to be the magnetic pin cushion and the magic pins

Add a personal touch by making a pin cushion with my framed pin cushion tutorial.

Handy Quilting Tools and Organizers

There are lots of smaller quilting tools that are helpful to have. This section includes smaller, less expensive tools that will make quilting easier.

My favorite in this section is the bobbin holder. It really helps to keep the bobbins organized. I love that the thread doesn't unravel and get tangled together.


Fabric is what quilters dream about. Maybe it's a dreamy new floral print, or a modern geometric pattern. There's always something new and beautiful and we can never get enough fabric.

Charm Packs, Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls take the guess work out of matching fabric. They are sets of coordinating colors and patterns of fabric that are cut to specific sizes. 

I don't know a single quilter who wouldn't appreciate the gift of fabric.

My current fabric line crushes: 

Charm Packs

Charm Packs are precut 5 inch squares of fabric. 

Annie's Charm Pack Club is one way to show your love all year long. Each month the person you enroll will receive 2 charm packs. Plus they will have access to a new digital pattern each month that is specifically designed to use charm packs.

Below are my favorite online quilt shops. The links go specifically to their charm pack section.

Because of the smaller sizes of these pre-cuts they are the least expensive option.

Connecting Threads
Fat Quarter Shop
Missouri Star Quilt Company

Layer Cakes

Layer cakes are precut 10 inch squares of fabric. Again, my favorite quilt shops are listed below with links specifically to the layer cake section of their sites.

Connecting Threads
Fat Quarter Shop
Missouri Star Quilt Company

Jelly Rolls

Jelly Rolls are strips of fabric that are 2 1/2 inches wide by the width of the fabric. They come in a roll of coordinating colors and patterns.

Sign up for Annie's Fabric Strip Pack Club to receive a strip pack each month. Enrollment includes access to a digital pattern library that begins with 5 patterns and an additional pattern is added each month. These patterns are designed for quilting with fabric strips.

Or browse 2 1/2 inch strips at the following shops:
Connecting Threads
Fat Quarter Shop
Missouri Star Quilt Company

Fat Quarter Bundle

A fat quarter is a piece of fabric that is one fourth of a yard.

Typically a quarter yard of fabric is 9" X 42". A fat quarter is the same amount of fabric but it's a fatter, shorter rectangle, usually 18" X 21". Hence the name fat quarter.

You can purchase bundles of fat quarters of coordinating fabric. A lot of bundles come in very large packs (like 20-30 pieces) and are quite pricey.

A less expensive option is to go to your local quilt shop and hand pick coordinating fabrics.

Connecting Threads
Fat Quarter Shop
Missouri Star Quilt Company

Another idea is to enroll your quilting friend in Annie's Fat Quarter Club where they will receive a variety of coordinating fat quarters each month.


Another quilter gift idea is the gift of a new quilting tool. There are so many useful tools that make quilting so much easier.

I've tried to include items that beginners will need as well as items that a more seasoned quilter will appreciate.

Cutting Tools

Precise cutting is essential for quilting. Rotary blades, mats and straight edges are helpful tools to create straight cuts. 

Most quilters will have the basics like a rotary cutter and mat. However, they can always use new blades or may enjoy a mini rotary cutter. A swivel mat may be a luxury they would appreciate too! 

Pressing Tools

Pressing is another important part of quilting.

While most quilters use their household iron, many dream about having an auto-lift iron.

Others may want a smaller more portable iron and folding mat for traveling.

A wool pressing mat is a must for quilters. The wool traps the heat and makes the pressing that much more effective. I suggest getting no smaller than a 14" mat to accommodate for pressing 12 inch quilt blocks. 

Quilting Rulers and Templates

Quilters love quilting rulers. They come in so many sizes and shapes, I wrote a whole article about rulers if you're interested.

I'll list a few of my favorites below.

My mom is partial to the Creative Grids square rulers for cutting out blocks and squaring up.

And of course quilters need a ruler rack to keep them all on.


If your favorite quilter already seems to have all the gadgets, you could try some of the ideas in this section. 

Give a pattern

There are so many quilting patterns available that your quilter can't possibly have made them all. Try snooping through their Pinterest account to see what patterns they've saved. 

You can find patterns at quilt shops, either locally or online. You could even find free quilt patterns to print off and pair with some cute fabric.

Give them a quilting project

A quilt kit, or a block of the month club subscription just might be the perfect gift.

The kits or monthly subscription come with the pattern and the fabric to create the quilt.

Here's a few of my favorites: Connecting Threads recently came out with 3 yard quilt bundles. The idea is that you can purchase a three yard bundle from their curated selections. Then you can purchase a quilt pattern specifically designed to use three yards of fabric. 

This is a genius idea for gift giving. It takes away the guess work, yet still allows you to customize the gift by choosing the fabric combo and pattern.

Educational gifts

Enroll them in a local quilting class, give them a magazine subscription or get them a new book about a quilting technique they want to try.

Or ignite their creative passion by getting them quilting software where they can design their own quilts.

Gift a new sewing machine

This is going to be a pricier gift as well as one that may require some input from the quilter.

Every quilter has a sewing machine they would love to upgrade to one day. Be sure to do your homework and get a machine she will love.

Sewing Machine Plus has all the latest models of sewing and quilting machines with the best prices I've seen. 

Give a gift card to their favorite quilt shop

Lastly, if you just can't find anything else, you can't go wrong with cash or a gift card. Find out their favorite local quilt shop and get them a gift certificate. 

Or you could get them a gift card to an online quilt store.

My top three online quilt shops include:
Connecting Threads
Missour Star Quilt Company
Fat Quarter Quilt Shop

I hope you were able to find a wonderful and unique gift for your loved one in this gift guide.

 If you have any other great gift ideas that I should include, please comment and I will add them to the list! 

Want to learn quilting yourself? I've got a list of easy quilt blocks that look hard.

Plus visit my quilting page to find simple quilt block tutorials


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