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35+ Gifts for Cross Stitchers (Find the BEST ideas here!)

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for a cross stitch lover? You've come to the right place.  

You will find over 35 gift ideas for your favorite stitcher. You will find supplies, projects and tools that they will actually want.  

Before we get started, let's clarify something.  

Cross stitching and embroidery are two different types of needlework. Many supplies like thread, hoops and scissors are used for both.  

But there are some big differences. 

Cross stitchers generally use a even weave fabric that is designed to make precise, counted stitches. Embroiderers can stitch on pretty much any type of fabric they choose. 

Cross stitchers use just 6 main stitches. The stitches embroiderers utilize is countless.  

Patterns for cross stitching are quite different than those for embroidery.  

This is the ultimate gift guide where you will find the best gifts specifically for cross stitchers. 


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My love for cross stitch goes back to my teenage years. I got a pattern booklet of Precious Moments girls and started making them. Cross stitching is relaxing to me. I love watching the picture emerge as I'm working on it. 

Pin these gifts for your reference in the future. These gift ideas will make the perfect holiday gift. Or give them on your favorite stitchers birthday.

They also would make a great Mother's Day gift. 

Have quilting friends? Check out this quilting gift guide. This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy for details. 


If you need something small, inexpensive and oh-so-cute, you could gift a needle minder. 

Have you heard of needle minders? Sometimes they are called needle nanny's. Needle minders keep track of your needle when you're not using it. 

They're magnetic, so when you have to set your needlework down you can simply place your needle on the minder and the magnet will hold it in place. Simply place the enamel side of the minder on the front of your work and the magnet on the back side. 

I can't tell you how many needles I've lost between the couch cushions. Needle minders are a must-have for cross stitchers.

These would make the perfect stocking stuffer or small addition to a larger gift.

bike needle minder

Bicycle Needle Minder by Flamingo Toes  
Beverly has so many beautiful needle minders. If you love floral, you will love her style. Check out her shop for more options.

snail needle minder

The Crafty Snail Shop has lots of needle minders too. The Teal Snail is her best seller. She also has some cute little owls. But my favorites are her quilt block minders.

Check out even more needle minders on Amazon and at Fat Quarter Shop.


Cross stitch lovers are always looking for new patterns to make. There are three basic ways to gift patterns. Paper patterns, digital PDF patterns and cross stitch pattern books.


In the cross stitch aisle of the craft store they usually have a bunch of pattern booklets. If you enjoy shopping in person, this may be a good option for you.

I recently ordered these sampler of the month cross stitch patterns from Fat Quarter Shop. I've been working on them for a while and they turn out so very cute.

You can also find cross stitch booklets and other supplies at Stitchery Xpress.


If you prefer to shop online, then PDF patterns are the way to go.

Below, I'll list some specific patterns that I like. But if you'd prefer to browse and find the perfect pattern, try looking through these shops:
humble bee cross stitch pattern

Humble Bee Geometric Cross Stitch Pattern by Dominion Sisters  This is my favorite of all the cross stitch patterns that I found. It's so cute and simple. It would be perfect for beginners.

bike cross stitch

Enjoy the Journey Cross Stitch by Flamingo Toes This darling cross stitch would pair perfectly with the bike needle minder shown above. Beverly has a lot more cross stitch options on her website too.

floral heart cross stitch pattern

Floral Heart Cross Stitch Pattern Isn't this so pretty?! I'm loving the colors in this pattern.


You could also give a cross stitch pattern book as a gift to a cross stitch lover. Below are a few book ideas:


Cross stitch kits are a great gift because everything needed to make the cross stitch is included in the kit. The pattern, the embroidery floss, the needle and the fabric are all included. 

This means that your stitching friend can quickly get to work on the project without having to go purchase additional supplies.

There are SO many options when it comes to kits. I've listed a few of my favorites below.  If you'd prefer to browse for the perfect kit, check out these shops:

teddy bear cross stitch

Teddy Bear Cross Stitch Kit by Wizardi

How sweet is this little bear? I love the vintage feel of this cross stitch.

pine landscape cross stitch

Pine Landscape Kit by Wizardi There's just something so peaceful about this scene.


Need something for the cross stitcher who has everything? Wooden stitch kits are unique and may just be the perfect gift. 
wooden windmill cross stitch kit

Wooden Windmill Cross Stitch Kit by Wizardi I absolutely love the charm of this little windmill kit. One thing that's really nice about it is that it is finished off with a wood backing piece so you won't see the unsightly back of the stitching. Check out their full selection of wood cross stitch kits.

Below are a few ideas from Amazon. These are perfect for beginners (or kids!) since they are small in size.


A cross stitch of the month club or subscription box is a great gift idea. 

Here are a list of the monthly subscription boxes I could find for cross stitching. I have not tried any of them. 

Fat Quarter Shop currently has two quarterly (4 times a year) stitch clubs. I have ordered cross stitch and quilting supplies from them and they are a fantastic company.


A project bag may be the perfect gift. They are great to store works in progress and make projects easy to travel with.

The following are patterns. If you like to sew and want to make your gift, consider making one of the project bags below.

A handmade gift idea is always a great idea.

sewing folder pattern

Sewing Folder Pattern by Molly and Mama

zippered pouch


Many cross stitchers have TONS of thread. Help them get it organized by getting them a thread organizer box or two.
If you like to sew, you could also make them a thread organizer bag like I did years ago. 

Below are more thread organizers. I envision these more like current project organizers. Your crafter can gather up all the thread needed for a project and then add them to the organizer keeping it all neat and tidy.

bee thread organizer

Bee Thread Organizer from Wizardi This is a great gift because it doubles as a project as well as a thread organizer. I'm just loving the hexagon border.

wooden floss organizer

Wooden Floss Organizer from Wonder Stitch This is a pretty way to display the thread of a current project. Plus you can hide away your scissors and extra needles in the bottom.


Cross Stitchers always are in need of new embroidery hoops, whether it's to display their projects, or because they have multiple projects going on at once. 

There are two main types of embroidery frames, wooden and plastic. They come in lots of sizes.
I prefer wooden hoops to display my cross stitch. 

But while working on my project I prefer using a plastic hoop.

A lap frame is another option that keeps your project firmly in place and allows you to use the needle with both hands since you don't have to hold the embroidery frame. Below are to types of lap frames. They could also be used at a desk or table.

adjustable lap stand

Adjustable Lap Frame from Chloe Art Crafts 

embroidery frame with supports

Embroidery Frame with Supports from Wizardi

You could also get this adjustable rotating embroidery hoop stand from Amazon.


Once a project is done, your crafter will want to display their work. 

You could gift unique oval hoops or square embroidery hoops to showcase their stitching.

hoop stand

Hoop Stand by Chloe Art Crafts These cute little stands are perfect to display an embroidery hoop. The notches hold a hoop so that it can stand on a table instead of being hung on the wall.

wooden frame

Wooden Frame for Cross Stitch by Wizardi These intricate frames would beautifully show off a finished cross stitch piece. Stain it, paint it or leave it as is.

Or try these wire hangers from Fat Quarter Shop.


Another cross stitch gift idea are needle organizers.

Help your cross stitcher keep her needles organized by gifting her a needle book, needle box, or needle case.
needle books
Needle Book by Aunt Mayme's Attic  This handmade needle book would be the cutest gift and the recipient would find it very useful as well.

wool felt needle case

Wool Felt Needle Case by The Little Box Corner This tiny handmade needle case can be customized with a first initial. There are several color palettes to choose from.

wood tube needle case

Wood Tube Needle Case by 55 Tree These cylinder needle cases are the perfect to toss in a project bag to make sure you always have a spare needle. The simple classy design will appeal to most everyone.  

If you like to sew yourself, consider making a needle book as a gift. A personally handmade item will be treasured for years to come.

The following are patterns.

needle book pattern

Felt Needle Case Pattern from Corinne LaPierre Make this needle case with a bit of fun embroidery.

needle case sewing pattern

Needle Case Sewing Pattern from Sewing Room Secrets I absolutely love the hexagons! This would be cherished for sure.

needle book

Needlebook Pattern by Retromama You can make this pattern in two sizes and choose from two cover options as well as choose from different pocket and closure styles.


An avid cross stitcher will always be in need of an extra pair of embroidery scissors. Especially if they have multiple projects going. It's nice to have a good pair of scissors with each project so you don't have to go hunting for them.
floral scissors

Floral Scissors by Chloe Art Crafts  These vintage looking scissors are so pretty. 

plum blossom scissors

Plum Blossoms Scissors by The Cherry Blossom Another beautiful pair of scissors that comes with four finish options.

bird scissors

Bird Scissors by 55 Tree Or check out these unique scissors! 


Ok, so this one might seem a little bit odd, but hear me out. Lighting is so important when doing needlework. Straining your eyes to make those tiny stitches can make stitching not so fun anymore. A well lit area for working makes it much easier and pleasant to stitch. 


A cross stitcher can always use extra cross stitch fabric. 

There are multiple kinds of fabric to stitch on, but Aida Cloth is the most popular and easiest to use.

Aida fabric comes in different count sizes (14, 16 and 18 being the most common).  The higher the count the smaller the stitches will be. For example, 28-count Aida will produce much smaller stitches than 11-count Aida. For beginners, I would recommend a smaller number for larger stitches. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that most patterns indicate the fabric count needed. Using a different fabric count than suggested is usually fine, but will alter the size of the finished product.

You can find lots of options at Fat Quarter Shop. 

printed aida canvas

Printed Aida Canvas by Wizardi Did you know you can get printed cross stitch fabric? I had no idea, but Wizardi has lots of options. This would be such a great unique gift idea! 

I hope you enjoyed this list of cross stitcher gifts. If you have any ideas I have not included, let me know via email (contactdiymom@gmail.com). I would love to include more items! 

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