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45+ Embroidery Gift Ideas (The BEST Gifts for Embroiderers!)

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for an embroidery lover? You've come to the right place. 

You will find over 45 gift ideas for your favorite embroider. You will find supplies, projects, tools, and more that they will actually want!

Before we get started, let's clarify something.

Cross stitching and embroidery are two different types of needlework. Many supplies like thread, hoops, and scissors are used for both.

But there are some big differences.

Embroiderers can stitch on pretty much any type of fabric they choose. On the other hand cross stitchers generally use an even weave fabric designed to make precise, counted stitches.

The stitches used also differs. Six main stitches are used for cross stitch. Embroidery stitches are countless! This makes patterns for each very different.

There is also a difference between hand embroidery and machine embroidery. These gifts are all geared toward hand embroiderers.

This is the ultimate embroidery gift guide where you will find the best gifts specifically for embroiders.


So many options that are sure to delight the embroider in your life. Give the gift of supplies, patterns, and more. 
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collage of gifts for embroiderers
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Embroidery is such a beautiful craft that I've loved over the years. It is so versatile because there are so many stitch possibilities. These stitches can create gorgeous texture and patterns all with a needle.
Pin these gifts for your reference in the future. These gift ideas will make the perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift, or just because gift for your favorite embroiderer.

They also make great Mother's Day gifts, hint hint!

Have quilting friends? Check out this gift guide. Or cross-stitch friends? Try this gift guide for them. 

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When shopping for gifts for embroiderers, think about all the amazing supplies you can gift. Take a look at these different ideas.


Start with fabrics. You can't embroider without a base to embroider too. Embroiders can use a wide range of materials to embroider on, let's check out a couple ideas.

embroidery fabric sample kit
Embroidery Fabric Sample Kit by Matryoshka Doll Shop

While embroidery can be on any type of fabric, here is a beautiful pack of fabrics to sample. The different colors would compliment a lot of embroidery patterns.

linen embroidery fabric bundle
Linen Embroidery Fabric Bundle by Jess Long Embroidery

Another perfect gift is this linen set. The bundle includes different rich colors on a linen fabric.


Hoops come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Find a special hoop to gift in this section. Hoops are useful not only to create the embroidery project, but they double as an embroidery frame for display as well.

hand stained hoops
Hand Stained Hoops by Jessica Rose Stitchery

Embroiders can never have too many hoops, because some pieces of embroidery stay in the hoops to display. Gift some wood stained hoops for displaying completed projects.

mini embroidery hoops
Mini Embroidery Hoops by DiY Order

More cute hoops! These mini wooden frames could be used in a variety of ways. Use them for keychains, necklaces, home decor, and more. Since they're small, they would make great stocking stuffers.

embroidery necklace pendant
Embroidery Necklace Pendant by Alisa Hand Crafts 

More hoop ideas on beautiful cords to make necklaces with. I love that there is a lighter and darker hoop choice.

Mini Hoop Collection via Amazon
Mini Hoop Collection via Amazon

So many styles of mini hoops. From different shapes and styles, there are sure to be some that you could stuff in a stocking or wrap up for a gift.


A small good pair of scissors is helpful when embroidering. 

butterfly scissors
Butterfly Scissors by Evermore Styled

Embroiders always need a cute set of scissors to aide in their crafting. I love these butterfly style ones because they are pretty yet practical.

personalized embroidery scissors with magnetic box
Personalized Embroidery Scissors with Magnetic Box by Sdgn Studio

Or for a different look, this set is more floral and comes with a personalized box. A lovely gift idea with a personal touch.
Antique Embroidery Set via Amazon
Antique Embroidery Set via Amazon

A whole antique style embroidery set is another one of our great ideas for embroiders. Look at all those fancy pieces, plus a storage box.

Needle Minders

No need for misplaced needles with a sweet little needle minder keeping track of them. The gift for an embroider who never knows what they did with their needle.

hedgehog needleminder
Hedgehog Needle Minder by Jess Long Embroidery

Help an embroider keep track of their needle with needle minders. This one is so cute, especially if they love hedgehogs.

floss needle minder
Floss Needle Minder by Beks Stitches

Or how about a cute row of floss to keep needles? The colors are very pretty in this one.

narwhal needle minder
Narwhal Needle Minder by Thread Thread Wine

Or if your embroider friend likes a little bit of a pun and a cute narwhal, this might be the best needle minder gift. Haha!

Embroidery Floss

embroidery floss set
Embroidery Floss Set by Chloe Art Crafts
When you are an embroider, you can never have enough floss. Grab a set of embroidery floss in a rainbow of colors for a bright gift idea.

Embroidery Thread Kit via Amazon
Embroidery Thread Kit via Amazon

Go big with this kit. It contains essentials plus, lots of lovely colors of floss and comes in this handy case for storage.

Embroidery Floss Set and Carrier via Amazon
Embroidery Floss Set and Carrier via Amazon

Or here is a more extensive set that includes a thread organizer and essentials such as needle threaders, needles, and more.

Other Supplies

There are still other gift ideas if none of the supplies I've shared so far seems like the perfect gift. 

needlework tray
Needlework Tray by Palmetto South Designs

Keep embroiders organized with a needlework tray. There is a place for all the essentials tools.

embroidery supplies tray
Embroidery Supplies Tray by TIH Embroidery

Or if you want a more personal touch add an embroidering phrase or name to this supply tray. And that cute font is adorable.

Embroidery Floss Organizers via Amazon
Embroidery Floss Organizers via Amazon

This simple piece helps keep embroidery floss organized while working on a projects. This is great for kits.

adjustable embroidery hoop holder
Adjustable Embroidery Hoop Holder Stand by I Sew Need It Crafts

For the super embroider, this is the perfect embroidery gift. A hoop holder stand can keep a project out of the hands, and at the perfect place for embroidering.

bobbin rack for embroidery floss
Bobbin Rack for Embroidery Floss by Modern Hoopla

Keep that floss organized with a bobbin rack. This can keep the colors you are using in a project right at hand.

embroidery needle set
Embroidery Needle Set Via Amazon

If your favorite embroiderer is running low on needles, grab a new set of needles. This set contains a variety of sizes.

embroidery project bag
Embroidery Project Bag via Amazon

Allow embroidery projects to be brought along on the go. This round tote bag is perfect for storing hoops and supplies with a pretty color and fabric choice.
black project bag
Black Project Bag via Amazon

Or if you think a sleek look is more the style of your gift recipient, then choose this black bag that also features a round shape and has multiple storage pockets.


I've gone over a lot of the supply essentials, but patterns are another must have for embroidery.  Patterns make embroidery easier to achieve certain shapes and designs. Patterns and pattern books make perfect presents. 

summer stick and stitch pattern pack
Summer Stick and Stitch Pattern Pack

These cute little stick and stitch patterns allow for creativity, just use one or pair some together to fill up a hoop.
plant lady embroidery pattern book
Plant Lady Embroidery Pattern Book via Amazon

Another great way to gift patterns are embroidery books like this one. Cute plant inspired patterns all bound together in one book.

paint with thread
Paint with Thread via Amazon

This book looks like a great option for an advanced embroiderer. Paint with thread, as you can see from the cover, shows how thread can be used to create a gorgeous pictures.

doodle stitching embroidery art
Doodle Stitching Embroidery Art via Amazon

Another fun one, called doodle stitching. Think drawing and doodling, but with thread. Cute and whimsical ideas in this one.
vintage stitching treasury
Vintage Stitching Treasury via Amazon

Take embroidery back to the early days with this vintage inspired book. Authentic designs and a whole lot of them! 
embroidered lettering
Embroidered Lettering via Amazon

This one would go great with the doodling book, get the look of hand lettering in your embroidery projects. So pretty!


Kits make great gift ideas for those who enjoy embroidery. It makes a thoughtful gift because the recipient will have everything all together for one (or more) complete projects.

embroidery essentials kit
Embroidery Essentials Kit by Aubreeren

Another fun idea is to gift a small kit that has all of the essentials. Scissors, floss, fabric, patterns, needle, hoops, the whole nine yards.

embroidery essentials box
Embroidery Essentials Box by SC Hand Works

For the budding embroider an essentials box like this can be the starting point for a love of embroidery. This one includes small projects to get started!

beginner kits
Beginner Kits by DiYOrder

Allow for practice with a kit of one of these beginner embroidery projects. Practice stitches and techniques to improve skills.

custom name kit
Custom Name Kit by Rose Stitch Art

This hand embroidery kit comes with a custom name in the middle and all the supplies to create it. A great gift for someone who loves to embroider that is also personal to them.

blush and olive meadow kit
Blush and Olive Meadow Kit by And Other Adventures

Simple, but sweet, a floral meadow kit. Comes with everything needed to create this project. No need to try to match floss, it is included.

snarky embroidery kit
Snarky Embroidery Kit by Jess Long Embroidery

If you are gifting to someone who loves a  little snark or sarcasm, check out these full embroidery kits. While pretty, it also has that touch of sass.

mountain embroidery kit
Mountain Embroidery Kit by Chloe Art Crafts

This kit has a variety of stitches and great for expanding beginner skills. Great for nature lovers too. Such a pretty outdoor scene to capture on a hoop.

embroidery kit box
Embroidery Kit Box by Matryoshka Doll Shop

Another great box kit that actually provides more than one project. Yay! One box, lots of fun projects.

bee insect embroidery kit
Bee Insect Embroidery Kit by Embroidery Art Shop HK

Embroidery isn't just for hoop art, check out this insect kit. I'm in awe looking at it. 

embroidery pouch kit
Embroidery Pouch Kit by Slow Evenings

Want to gift a kit that is different than a decor piece? How about a hand embroidered pouch kit.

pocket embroidery kit
Pocket Embroidery Kit by DiY Order

Add some flair to jean pockets with this stitching kit. It is simple, but so lovely.

sunflower pocket kit
Sunflower Pocket Kit by DiY Order

Or for a more noticeable pocket design this is a sunflower pocket kit. This gift comes with all of the embroidery supplies, all you need to provide are the jeans.
tulip pocket kit
Tulip Pocket Kit by DiY Order

And one more because these are just so cute! Tulips bloom up out of the pocket for a sweet pop of color.

floral heart hanging kit
Floral Heart Hanging Kit by Hannah Burbury Designs

How about a hanging piece of decor? Gift this one with a complete kit. 

little garden embroidery hat
Little Garden Embroidery Hat Kit by River Birch Threads

Maybe the jean pocket kits aren't really the ideal gift for who you are shopping for. A hat might be the better option and just as cute.

50 states embroidery kit
50 States Embroidery Kit by Poko Design Co

This pattern is unique and an ongoing project. For an embroider who loves to travel. Get this state bucket list kit. After visiting each state simply embroider in the state.



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collage of embroidery gift ideascollage of embroidery gift ideas

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