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25+ Rag Quilt Patterns

Rag quilts are great for beginners and experts alike with these variety of rag quilts to try. Try out one of these lovely designs for your next quilt project.


Rag quilts are fun because they have so much texture. They get softer and the rag portions look better and better with multiple washes. Let's get sewing with these fun rag quilt patterns.
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collage of rag quilt patterns
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If you haven't tried a rag quilt yet, they are so unique and fun with the frayed edges. Add in a variety of shapes and styles to create these beautiful rag quilts. Let's take a look at these free patterns.

rag quilt pattern
How to Make a Rag Quilt by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Let's start you off with the basics with this flannel rag quilt tutorial. Start here for the basic idea and then move on to the more complex styles.

baby blanket rag quilt
Baby Rag Quilt with Scalloped Edges by Sew 4 Home

Baby rag quilts are adorable. This one features a lovely scalloped edge that is perfect for a new addition.

pinwheel rag quilt
Pinwheel Rag Quilt by Confessions of a Home Schooler

Step up your rag quilt squares by adding in pinwheel designs. The unfinished edges are around the squares and not the pinwheels for a mix of finished and unfinished edges.

chevron rag quilt
Chevron Rag Quilt Tutorial by Cranial Hiccups

This is a fun all over rag in a chevron pattern. It looks so cozy and pretty. Try out this free pattern and tutorial.


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Take your rag quilts to the next level with these patterns that you can purchase. A lot of hard work goes into creating quilting patterns. Let's show some support for small business owners.  
diamonds in the rough rag quilt
Diamonds in the Rough Rag Quilt by It's Sew Sally

The designer of this pattern, Sally created this unique rag quilt technique! She made an appliqued rag quilt and then shredded it for a fluffy and fancy design.

Christmas tree rag quilt
Christmas Tree Rag Quilt by The Shabby Trunk

Piece together a rag Christmas quilt. The lovely tree shape is lovely, and would be great using soft flannels to keep warm in during the Christmas season.

striped rag quilt
Striped Rag Quilt by Beffie48

Rather than go for squares, try narrow strips of fabric. It gives a nice clean look of stripes in this rag quilt tutorial.

sally's english garden rag quilt
Sally's English Garden by It's Sew Sally

Another gorgeous design using Sally's technique. We love the variety of shapes and flowers this quilt pattern features.

rail fence rag quilt
Rail Fence Rag Quilt by Rag Quilt Patterns

The design of this pattern is just gorgeous! The pattern combined with a variety of fabrics creates lots of visual interest. This rag quilt throw would be gorgeous to brighten up any room.

giraffe rag quilt
Giraffe Rag Quilt by Mikky's Creations by Me

Another sweet rag quilt featuring a giraffe! The pieced pieces have rag edges give this quilt a soft and fluffy look. This oversized twin blanket backed with a minky fabric and is bound around the edges for a more finished look.

chevron rag quilt pattern
Chevron Rag Quilt Pattern by Jubilee Creatives

A different take on a chevron rag quilt, this one actually follows the chevron pattern on the edges. 

sweethearts and peonies rag quilt
Sweethearts and Peonies By It's Sew Sally

Hearts and peonies look adorable on this quilt design. Perfect for a sweet little girl or a Valentine quilt.

triangle rag quilt
Triangle Rag Quilt by Rag Quilt Patterns

Triangles are so simple, but look so modern. Imagine all of the fabric possibilities that would look great with this pattern.

modern triangle rag quilt
Modern Triangle Rag Quilt by Rag Quilt Patterns

Or for a different variation on the triangle quilt, go for this style. The longer triangles give a different angle to this quilt design.

ragged flashback quilt pattern
Ragged Flashback Quilt Pattern by Orange Dot Quilts

This herringbone style is so pretty. Add in the ragged edges for a soft finish to a usually fairly uniform pattern.



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collage of rag quilt patternscollage of rag quilt patterns

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