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55+ Crafts for Adults

Take some time for you and create! Enjoy your crafting hobby or get started with crafting with one of these adult craft projects.


In this busy world, it is important to take time to unwind, create, and enjoy a hobby. Crafting can help you create things with a purpose and use your hands. 

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collage of craft projects for adults
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In this article the crafts are grouped into sections. Drinkware and mug crafts, flower pot crafts, DIY home decor crafts and other miscellaneous crafts.

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There are so many ways to make a mug, water bottle or cup your own. Here are just a few adult craft ideas to get you crafting. 

marbled nail polish mugs
Marbled Nail Polish Mugs by The DIY Nuts

White mugs look so pretty when you add in some color! Using your favorite nail polishes you can get this unique look that makes a great gift.

sharpie mugs
Sharpie Mugs by Feeling Nifty

Get creative with Sharpies. You can decorate your own mugs, and follow the instructions to make these mugs washable.

how to make a glitter tumbler
How to Make a Glitter Tumbler by Jennifer Maker

Glitter is so pretty, especially when you add it to your favorite tumbler. This DIY project is a little more involved, but totally doable.

rhinestone tumbler
Rhinestone Tumbler by Leap of Faith Crafting

Another fun way to personalize your drinkware, use rhinestones. Plus, add in a name for personalization too.

how to make a sublimation tumbler
How to Make a Sublimation Tumbler by The Crafty Blog Stalker

And if you are looking for even more ways to craft up stunning tumblers, look into this tutorial for a sublimation tumbler. 

etched drinking glasses
Etched Drinking Glasses By The Crafty Blog Stalker

Make your glasses your own, add names, images, or other messages by etching with this tutorial. Also great for all type of glassware!

glitter dipped wine glasses
Glitter Dipped Wine Glasses by Kara Creates

More glitter glasses! Add the right about of sparkle to your wine glass tumblers with this dipped look.

map drink coasters
Map Drink Coasters by The Scrap Shoppe Blog

Don't forget a coaster! Make your own coasters with this tutorial. This one uses maps, but the options for the images are endless!

easy braided jute coasters
Easy Braided Jute Coasters by Ruffles and Rain Boots

Another coaster style that you can easily craft up. Braid jute to form coasters to protect your table.


Why have boring flower pots, when you can create so many different flower pot options? These easy craft ideas will have your plants being displayed in a gorgeous way.

fabric covered pots
Fabric Covered Pots by Our Crafty Mom

Dress up your flower pots by adding fabric. Add patterns, colors, and designs, to give your plants a whole new look. 

decoupage flower pots
Decoupage Flower Pots by A Life of Balance

Another way to add a different look to flower pots is by adding different things like napkins, paper, or other embellishments through decoupage. 

yarn wrapped flower pots
Yarn Wrapped Flower Pots by Celebrations at Home

This is a fun way to add texture and color blocking to your pots. Go for different colors or just stick with one color to make this a very simple craft. 

spray paint marbling
Spray Paint Marbling by The DIY Nuts

Use this marbling technique on pots, water bottles, and more. I love the color combo that Erin used, it looks very classy.

painted fringe leather
Painted Fringe Leather Pot by Delineate Your Dwelling

Dress up your next plant with this project that involves texture and movement. Plus, this is a way different look than any plain old pot.

diy ring planter
DIY Ring Planter by Delineate Your Dwelling

This might look hard, but it is actually a fairly easy do it yourself project, that will add a boho flair to your plants.

house shaped air plant planters
House Shaped Air Plant Planters by Crafting My Home

Air plants are so cool and can survive on so little. They look especially adorable in these simple house planters.

cement balloon planters
Cement Balloon Planters by Artsy Pretty Plants

Now this is a fun way to display plants. Use balloons and cement to make your own planters with a modern touch.

mason jar crafts
How to Paint Mason Jars by Kara Creates

Mason jars are especially fun to display plants in. Take them up a level by painting them your favorite colors.


Home decor crafts can change up your space and be fun to make in the process. Here I am featuring so many creative ideas from art work to unique decor pieces.

dollar tree cutting board caddy
Dollar Tree Cutting Board Caddy by Our Crafty Mom

This cute caddy has multiple uses from displaying a succulent to remote caddy. Whatever you need corralled, do it in a pretty way.

how to make scented candles in your crockpot
How to Make Scented Candles in your Crock Pot by Celebrated Nest

Make your own candles with your favorite scents. It is really easy when you use a crock pot to keep the mess to a minimum.

how to make soy candles
How to Make Soy Candles by DIY Danielle

Another way to make candles in pretty little jars. This tutorial is specifically for soy candles.

paint stick photo frame
Paint Stick Photo Frame by Girl, Just DIY

Paint sticks are an inexpensive material to work with, but you can create some fun things like this way to display a picture or printable quote.

wire sculpture craft
Wire Sculpture by Craft Your Happy Place

This unique craft is perfect for the modern decor lover. Brianna shows you how to recreate this cool piece.

wine cork board
Wine Cork Board by Girl, Just DIY

If you love to save wine corks, get organized by crafting them into a pretty memo board. Use push pins to display your reminders or pictures.

macrame feathers
Macrame Feathers by Making Manzanita

Go boho with these fun to make feathers. A great beginner macrame project to get you started in this style of crafting.

macrame mason jar holder
Macrame Mason Jar Holder by Postcards from the Ridge

Another super simple macrame project. Add in your favorite beads for extra visual interest.

yarn tassel garland
Yarn Tassel Garland by Hoot Shack

Add color and texture to a mantel by making a tassel garland. Use colors that match your home decor or make one for each season.

colorful pom pom wreath
Colorful Pom Pom Wreath by Girl, Just DIY

Color and texture are really the stars of this wreath. Make up any color  of pom poms you like and then add them to a wreath form for a pretty little wreath.

easy felt ball garland
Easy Felt Ball Garland by Girl, Just DIY

Pair the pom pom wreath with this fun colorful garland. It is gorgeous and unique, and I love a good rainbow project.

star flower framed bouquet
Star Flower Framed Bouquet by Celebrated Nest

Dress up a blank wall with these simple, but pretty framed bouquets. These would work great with a variety of other flowers too.

clay knot tutorial
Clay Knot Tutorial by Making Manzanita

Use clay to make your own modern home decor clay sculpture. This looks like a great way to get your hands busy and make something totally unique.

jeweled test tubes
Jeweled Test Tubes by Houseful of Handmade

Add a pretty touch to your propagation vases, by glamming up them up. Using metallic colors gives this project such a chic touch too.

paint pouring butterfly
Paint Pouring Butterfly by Birdz of a Feather

Paint pouring is a fun craft to try. This is a great project to try with a beautiful butterfly design.

fabric flower craft
Fabric Flower Craft by Pillar Box Blue

Learn how to make fabric flowers that will look beautiful all year long. Plus, you can upcycle an old sheet to make these.

diy coffee table tray
DIY Coffee Table Tray by Making Manzanita

Make a tray to help corral items and decor. Chelsea shows how to use it in the kitchen and bathroom too.  
stained glass art
Stained Glass Art by Practical Whimsy Designs

This is a pretty way to get a stained glass effect and bring in a pretty piece of art.

grecian bowl
Grecian Bowl by Craft Your Happy Place

This project has a lovely historical style that I love. Use it to display decor items.

how to make a sun print
How to Make a Sun Print by Postcards from the Ridge

Walls need a little bit of art, and this is a unique way to make a print. Find items from nature to complete this project.

concrete napkin rings
Concrete Napkin Rings by Artsy Pretty Plants

If you love to host formal dinner parties, you need to try to make some lovely concrete napkin rings. These even have a cute flower embellishment.
sunshine cement magnets
Sunshine Cement Magnets by Artsy Pretty Plants

Don't stop with the concrete or cement. Make lovely watercolor magnets using cement to dress up your fridge.

embroidery hoop art
Embroidery Hoop Art by We Can Make That

Embroidery hoops are for so much more than just embroidery. They make great wreaths or canvases for wall art like this idea.

harry potter cross stitch pattern
Harry Potter Cross Stitch Pattern by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Cross stitch is a great relaxing project and if you love Harry Potter, this is such a fun pattern to try.

diy scalloped mirror
DIY Scalloped Mirror by The Scraps Shoppe Blog

Dress up a mirror with this simple project that could be done with a variety of colors and materials. This idea features felt, but wood, or even painted cardboard could give a similar effect.

stenciled doormat tutorial
Stenciled Doormat Tutorial by Kara Creates

Welcome guests to your home with a funny doormat. You can customize your doormat with fonts and designs. 

succulent magnets
Succulent Magnets by The Crafty Blog Stalker

Succulents are so cute and fun to decorate all of the places. Whip up some magnets and put them as a pretty decor piece on your fridge.

diy rag rug
DIY Rag Rug by Lemon Thistle for Remodelaholic

Create a new rug for the bathroom. This rag style quilt will keep the bathroom floor warm and a very useful DIY project.
how to paint a union jack
How to Paint a Union Jack by Birdz of a Feather

Paint a Union Jack on a variety of things with this tutorial. This tutorial features a clock, but it could be an art piece, or even painted on a cabinet top.

canvas embroidery art
Canvas Embroidery Art by Pillar Box Blue

Create a mixed media piece of art with this painting and embroidery wall art. Learn how to prep a canvas for embroidery and use this technique to make other artwork.


Don't stop with home decor, we have jewelry and other useful crafts to make in this section.

roll up travel caddy
Roll Up Travel Caddy by Remodelaholic

A great gift idea that keeps you toiletries all together when traveling. This caddy comes together quickly.
colorful marble bangles
Colorful Marble Bangles by Delineate your Dwelling

This craft is fun because you can make it in your favorite colors! Go bold and bright or neutral with this diy project to make your own bangles.

glitter leather earrings
Glitter Leather Earrings by Kara Creates

Leather earrings are so pretty and lightweight. This craft uses a Cricut cutting machine, but you could get similar results when cutting by hand.

washer necklaces
Washer Necklaces by The Benson Street

These necklaces are so easy to make using washers and twine. Customize them with color and add other fun embellishments to the washers.

no sew lavender sachets
No Sew Lavender Sachets by Celebrated Nest

Give your drawers some love with this simple no sewing involved craft. These would make great gifts too!

butterfly painted rocks
Butterfly Painted Rocks by Nature Inspired Learning

Rock painting is a fun relaxing craft. You can paint all sorts of designs and then display them in your yard.

how to make bookmarks
How to Make Bookmarks by DIY Danielle

Need a cute way to hold your place in your book? Danielle shows how to make a basic paper bookmark, then you can add your own touches with stickers or stamps.
wood bead and monogram keychains
Wood Bead and Monogram Keychains by Kara Creates

Don't lose your keys with this cute craft idea. And it is great for any skill level. Just paint and assemble. 


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