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35+ Crafts for Camping (Girls Camp Crafts)

Need a craft idea to do while you're camping?

We've got you covered with this list of over 35 girl's camp crafts that your young women will love!

We've included everything from friendship bracelets to origami to tie-dye, and much more! 


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collage of girls camp crafts
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Girls Camp Crafts

If you're in charge of crafts for girl's camp this year, you'll find a lot of fun ideas and easy projects to make with minimal craft supplies. 

I had my daughter (who is 13) help me curate this list. She included camping crafts that she or her friends would like to do. 

Lets get started!

wax cord bracelets
Pura Vida Inspired Bracelets by Adventures of a DIY Mom

This first craft is one we made last year at girls camp. The girls loved making them and came up with some awesome color combinations.

narwhal plush
DIY Narwhal Plush by The Inspiration Edit

This fun craft is just adorable and anyone will love making these.

Bookmark corner
DIY Embroidered Corner Bookmark by Cobberson & Company

Teach the girls a few basic embroidery stitches and they can make these cute bookmarks. 
Nature Mandala by Made in a Pinch

This craft is perfect for girls camp because it matches the outdoor theme.  You can even use flower petals from the campsite.

painted flower pots
Easy Painted Flower Pots by The DIY Nuts

The best camp crafts involve creativity. Supply pots and paint and your teenage girls will come up with all kinds of designs. 

picture frame
DIY Washi Tape Picture Frame by Happily DIY
Bring along some basic picture frames and washi tape and have the girls decorate them. Insert a print with your camp theme. OR you could do watercolor art project as another activity and add their creations to the frame.

T-Shirt Bracelets by Crafts By Amanda
Use up some old t-shirts with this great project. Aren't those bracelets so fun!    
greeting cards
Pressed Flower Greeting Cards by Fluxing Well
These cards are a great craft and you can have the girls write in them for one another or someone else they know.  
key chain
Boondoggle Keychains by DoodleCraft

Remember boondoggle? This classic craft is fun even all these years later. There are so many ways to make keychains with boondoggle.

yarn bird
Yarn Birds by Sum of their Stories

This craft is fantastic because these little birds are so adorable. The girls will want to make a whole nest full of birds.

Easy Paper Lotus by Little Ladoo
Paper crafts are always fun and this one is easy enough for anyone to make. The only supplies you need for these are paper, glue, scissors and the free template. 

DIY Rag Garland by A Rose Tinted World

This garland is so easy to make using scraps of fabric. It could be a fun way to decorate your campsite or tent.  

It could also be a great way to encourage kindness - each time the girls notice an act of service or kind words, they could add to the garland. Try and see how long you can make the strand over the course of the week.

DIY Leather Keychain by Making Manzanita

All the girls will love this because they can decorate their bags or backpack with this. 

Crochet Heart Bracelet By Blue Star Crochet
This is one of the most creative, and cutest craft on this list. Who wouldn't want to make this?
Plus the girls will learn a new skill.

DIY Wish Bracelets by Happily DIY

These bracelets are so cool with the beads woven into them. They look like they would be hard. But if you know how to braid, you can make these bracelets.

marbled mugs
DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs by Strength and Sunshine
This is another very unique idea. It's great to do outside because it can be a little messy.

Penguin Painted Rocks by The Soccer Mom Blog

This is one of the best outdoor crafts because all you need is acrylic paint. You could have the girls gather rocks then paint them and it would be such a fun activity.
Rainbow Mushroom Bangle by Mama likes this

You'll have the best time making this bangle, and you'll love the end result too!

glow in the dark bowling
Glow in the Dark Bowling by Crafts by Amanda

This is more of an activity than a craft, but it would be so fun! Hold onto those plastic water bottles and bring some glow sticks and a ball to have a great game of glow in the dark bowling.

bird feeder
Sunflower Bird Feeder by Gin Gin and Roo

This is the perfect summer craft to bring nature into girls camp. It's super fun, and you get to bird watch.

ring toss
Neon Ring Toss by Crafts By Amanda

It's always fun when you make a craft, then have fun every time you decide to use it. Ring toss is the perfect craft for that, and you could even add designs onto the pieces to make it more custom!
Finger Knitted Beanie by Red Ted Art

This craft is a wonderful way to keep the girls at your girls camp engaged and busy because they can make many of these hats. Not only are they fun to make, but they are super cute too!

Pet Rocks by Made in a Pinch
Painting rocks into creatures is a awesome idea because every one will create something different.

Kumihimo Bracelets by Brooklyn Berry

Friendship bracelets are a classic summer camp craft. There are so many variations and they're easy to make. All you need to bring is embroidery floss.

glow jar
Fairy Glow Jar by Lightly Sketched
This is just so cool and perfect for girls camp, you can set them out at night for a cool view.
Aromatherapy Bracelets by The Soccer Mom Blog

Not only are these bracelets so cute, they also have the benefits of aromatherapy.

Nature Art Craft by Hands On Teaching Ideas
This simple craft is the perfect way to learn to appreciate nature more.
Origami Heart Bookmark by Happily DIY
These bookmark corners are a quick craft that's easy and fun to make. A great way to encourage reading. 

Easy Tin Can Lantern Craft by Rainy Day Mum

 Another craft you can set outside at night to have a cool view. You could also bring this inside a tent for a star affect. (Be sure to use battery powered tea lights if using inside your tent.)

DIY Leather Bookmarks by Making Manzanita

Another bookmark craft that will encourage reading (of the scriptures or otherwise). Adding your camp scripture theme to the bookmark is a great idea. 
20 Friendship Bracelets by Simply Well Balanced

The ultimate collection of friendship bracelets is right here. Choose any you'd like and I bet it will turn out amazing.

Petal Art by Gin Gin and Roo

One of my favorite craft on this list, it's just such a cool idea! The girls will get so creative making these petal dresses.

Macrame Keychain by Happily DIY
An adorable keychain to add to your bag. A nice and easy craft.

Hemp Cord Necklace by Homemade Heather

These necklaces are so fun to make. Add beads to personalize them. The girls can even make their own beads with air dry clay!

(Or use polymer clay and make the beads beforehand during a fun pre-camp activity and then they can add them to the necklaces they make at camp.)

tye die
Rainbow Tie Dye Shirts by Craft by Amanda

I love tie die so much, its so much fun to see what designs you can make each time. 

You can make these during camp and have one of the leaders run home to wash them. Or make them beforehand and wear them during camp.

tshirt rag rug
T-Shirt Rag Rug by Angie Holden

Make rag rugs using old t-shirts and a hula-hoop. With a little prep work before camp, this could be a really fun activity. 

Colorful Gods Eye Yarn Craft by Two Kids and a Coupon

To end our list, we have this Gods eye craft. Such a fun and creative idea!


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collage of girls camp crafts

collage of crafts for camping

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